Famous Footwear Offers Buy One Get One Deal On Top Sneaker Brands

Famous Footwear is offering a buy one get one half off deal with coupon codes for additional savings on top sneaker brands and shoes.

Back to school days mean buying new sneakers and shoes. Parents know the cost of designer sneakers and dress shoes can be quite expensive.

Famous Footwear is giving parents a break with a buy one get one half off deal along with coupon codes for even more savings. Famous Footwear carries all the top sneaker brands kids can’t wait to get their hands on.

Younger children need new sneakers and shoes because they are constantly growing. As kids get older, sneakers become a fashion statement and they only want certain sneaker brands.

Famous Footwear is giving parents a budget break with a buy one get one half off deal. Besides the BOGO deal at Famous Footwear, there are coupon codes to save even more.

Most parents dread shopping for shoes and sneakers because the bill tends to be higher than they thought. If kids participate in sports, they might need more than one pair of athletic shoes.

The cost can become more than parents anticipated. Famous Footwear carries all the brand names kids want including Nike, Adidas and more. With the current BOGO deal, you can get half off a second pair when you buy the first pair at full price. If you purchase a few pair of sneakers and shoes, the savings can add up fast.

Rewards Club members enjoy even better discounts as they rack up credits that can be used toward future purchases. It is free to join the Famous Footwear Rewards Club online and in local stores.

It only takes a few minutes and these savings can also add up quickly. For example, Rewards Club members can use the coupon code RECESS20 to get an additional 20 percent off online at checkout.

Shoppers who do not belong to the Famous Footwear Rewards Club get 15 percent off online by using the coupon code RECESS15 at checkout. Shoppers can also visit the Famous Footwear website to print these coupons to use in-store.

The Famous Footwear website has a variety of different shoes and sneakers on sale. There is also a clearance section in Famous Footwear stores. Parents might want to peruse this area to find a pair of shoes for themselves while the kids search for their preferred sneaker brands.

There are shoes and sneakers for men, women, boys and girls at Famous Footwear. The current BOGO special and coupons only available this week so start shopping now to get the best deals.

Another great deal to check out is the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event with a fantastic bag offering an array of samples with a minimum purchase. Back to school shopping is starting to sound better!

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