Fans Of South Beach Tow Have ‘Is It Perez?’ Answered

Christie reveals the identity of her baby-daddy on South Beach Tow–sort of.

Things are getting pretty wild at Tremont Towing on truTVs South Beach Tow.

After telling her brother that she was pregnant, Christie asked him to keep things quiet.

Did he? Well, Robbie told J-Money; he may as well have taken out a billboard. Before long, everyone knew, except Perez and Robert.

But, no one was sure who the baby-daddy was.

After Eddie asked if the baby was a boy or a girl over the radio, and when Bernice made it clear that she knew, as well, Christie realized that she was going to have to tell her dad.

She wasn’t ready, but letting someone else tell him was not an option.

She was worried about his reaction, of course—his single daughter who, as far as he knew, was not dating anyone being pregnant, well, that was probably the last thing he was expecting to have to confront. But, confront it he did.

And, within seconds of absorbing just the fact that his daughter was pregnant, he was confronting Perez.

Everyone, of course, was wondering if Perez was the baby-daddy. After all, Christie has not, as far as anyone knew, been dating anyone.

And, it must have seemed like quite a coincidence to everyone that Perez would return and, shortly thereafter, Christie winds up pregnant. But, no one had brought the question to the forefront.

Until Christie told her father.

Is It Perez?

Robert, seconds after learning his daughter was pregnant, assumed what seemed to be the obvious, and marched out of the office, straight to Perez, who was at his truck, unaware of what was swirling around him.

Moments later, Robert had him slammed up against the truck, ready to take him down.

“You just think you can do anything, huh?” Robert said as he went for Perez’s neck.

Lucky for Perez, Christie was there to calm the fray. “It’s not his,” she said a couple of times, calming Robert down quickly, and leaving Perez rubbing his neck while the other drivers looked on and giggled, no doubt thinking that Perez got what he deserved, regardless.

“Just tell me: Is it a tow truck driver?” Robert asked, relief flooding his voice when Christie told him no. “I just feel 100-percent better.”

Who is it? Someone Christie has been seeing secretly. And, although Robert has yet to meet him, he seemed settled with the fact that, “I’m going to be a grandpa.”

Stay tuned.

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