Grey’s Anatomy, ‘That Took Some Pretty Big Balls’

Courage was on display during the “I Saw Her Standing There” episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

How coincidental that the medical story of the week was about a man with huge testicles.

The testicles case brought Dr. Catherine Avery back to Seattle Grace and Dr. Webber couldn’t have been happier.

It enabled the writers of Grey’s Anatomy to use courage in many contexts to enhance the night’s script.

The two mature lovers revel in their sexual attraction to each other, but that doesn’t sit well with Avery’s son Jackson.

Dr. Webber, no longer willing to be apologetic about it faced down the young attending surgeon about the relationship he has his mother.

“Man to man, you’re just gonna have to deal with it. You don’t want a piece of this,” he tells Jackson who expressed displeasure at the liaison.

Dr. Bailey, always observant and intrusive when it comes to the chief, compliments him on how he handled it. “That took some pretty big balls.”

Dr. Arizona Robbins was finally able to look at her leg that was severed and contemplate using a prosthetic.

After insulting and tossing the prosthetist tasked with fashioning the right kind of leg for her”, she tells him later, “It’s a little loose.

It pinches right here and it hurts a little there,” as she begins her recovery and acceptance of her physical condition.

Dr. Hunt told off the star on the staff and the hospital’s most prickly and sensitive surgeon, Derek Shepherd.

Wondering why he had to hear second hand that Meredith was performing a once in a blue moon kind of surgery, Hunt confronts him as Shepherd slips into the gallery to observe.

Telling him that Dr. Grey is holding back on sharing great news about her surgical career out of fear that Shepherd will go back into a funk, Hunt says:

“You fight for your patients beyond all possible odds. When things get messy personally, you’re gone .

You go into the woods to drink and grow a beard. Maybe she’s worried that the slightest little thing will make you run off to that trailer.” Ouch!

The little speech allowed Hunt to verbalize what he knows his wife Cristina Yang is doing by fleeing to Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic.

Yang began a sexual relationship with her direct supervisor, telling Meredith that he’s just a “sex friend”. She tosses that out the window in a rare display of unselfishness.

Cristina has bonded with the elderly surgeon she once bullied and insulted.

So much so that she becomes his protector against the hospital’s fight to get rid of him, in the person of her lover.

Unlike the others in last night’s story, Yang has yet to find her courage to deal with the elephant in the room.

The dangling thread of her marriage to Hunt and the sadness that exists for her in Seattle await her.

Oh well, there’s always next week.

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