Froy Jr. Wants Second Chance With Family On Operation Repo

Little Froy may be sorry for turning against his family on truTVs Operation Repo, but “I’m sorry” doesn’t always make things right.

Last week, Froy Jr. did the unthinkable on Operation Repo: He actually turned against his family, broke into the repo yard, and helped steal a vehicle from the company.

Mom Sonia was absolutely inconsolable, as any mom should be.

Froy was not any happier. As he and Matt rode to a repo, they chatted, and Froy expressed his disappointment in his son, and his own confusion over just what was going on with his child.

“He knows better,” Froy argued after Matt pointed out that Froy Jr. is “gullible.” When Matt said it seemed like a call for attention, Froy said that it was the “wrong way to get attention.”

He was right, and it was nice to see him take a firm stand as a parent, and not excuse his son for his not only dumb, but also criminal, actions.

It had to be absolutely crushing for Sonia to see her son on that videotape for the first time.

“I still cannot believe that my son got the remote control from my car and let these thugs in,” she said, obviously still angry.

“He said they bullied him, but that’s no excuse.” And, she’s right. Again, it was nice to see a parent taking a stand, being an example for her son instead of making excuses and blaming everyone around him for a decision he ultimately made himself.

“I’m Sorry” Does Not Fix Everything

His uncle, Lou, was still upset, understandably. Not only did his nephew steal from the family, there were repercussions that cannot be fixed simply by saying, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m missing a car. … My insurance is going right out the roof,” he said in a camera cameo.

To Froy Jr., he said, “First of all, we did a police report. You could be arrested, you could have gone to jail.

You’re stealing from your uncle. You’re stealing from your family.” Froy Jr. said that he “understand[s] I did a big mistake.”

And, he finally gave up the address of the car, although he argued with his uncle about giving it to him unless he could go on the repo.

Second Chances

Ultimately, they did get the car back, and Sonia and Lou agreed that Froy Jr. had stepped up, and were both willing to give him the second chance to make better decisions in the future (although they both seemed to still be upset, understandably, especially Sonia).

It will no doubt take time to rebuild the trust that was lost, but hopefully this has been a wakeup call for Froy Jr. Will there, however, be additional trouble for Froy Jr., now that his “friends” know that he gave them up for the repo and called the cops?

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