The Big Bang Theory, It’s polish Not Polish

Penny demonstrated that Sheldon’s brilliance is actually a hindrance when simple fun and games are on the menu, while Howard’s re-entry is less than welcoming.

In the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, entitled “The Re-entry Minimization”, Howard from space exploration to a different world in which Raj has a BFF, his mom has a lover, his wife has allergies and his pals are engaged in male vs. female gaming wars.

The big joke was that he seemed taller now that he is back on earth. Other than that, it’s the same old Howard.

His mother seems to have adapted to his absence and was caught canoodling with the family dentist.

Fans can only wonder if it might loosen her hold on Howard. Will she finally give up on her demand that the newlyweds live with her?

For a guy who is attached to his nagging and self-centered mother while seeking claiming he wants to escape, facing the fact that his dentist is hitting on her gives him the creeps.

We see the characters through Howard’s eyes and in a scene that got a bit uncomfortable, the nature of Raj’s friendship with Stuart was questioned.

They are roommates and besties all of a sudden, with Raj making a reference to them filling each others’ “holes”.

Of course he meant the hole in their lives that exists because neither have a girlfriend, but it was awkward to say the least.

The foursome of Amy, Sheldon, Penny and Leonard were having a couples night of games and it gets spiced up by teaming the girls vs. the boys.

Sheldon’s ability to make simple things difficult, all the while believing he is the only sane one in the bunch highlighted the funny episode.

During a round of Pictionary, the word “present” was drawn as a gift box by Penny, which Amy immediately identified.

Unfortunately for Leonard, his partner Sheldon was drawing stick figures and what appears to be an easel. What the heck is it?

It’s a picture of what they are doing in the apartment. Sheldon interprets the word as meaning the here and now. You know, the present.

Moving along to the word “polish” Penny and Amy won the round when Penny drew a female hand with the nails getting colored. Nail polish was easy for Amy to recognize.

Moving over to the male side of the equation, Sheldon drew an elaborate number of items all meant to get Leonard to recognize each as from Poland.

There were sausages along with a representation of Madame Curie who many don’t know was Polish by birth. Of course Sheldon knew that.

Up until that point, Sheldon maintained his superiority over the rest of mankind, but Leonard got him to see that sometimes a present is just, well you know, a present.

The games devolved into simpler fare like playing “Where’s Waldo?” or spinning around until dizzy and then writing on the easel.

The pie eating contest was the straw that broke the camel’s back. None of which are won by the team of physicists.

No one believes that Sheldon will be permanently scarred or even come down off his high horse as a result of it all. Let’s face it, who would want that?

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