Hardcore Pawn Returns With Les Unable To Forgive Seth, Ashley

Seth is no doubt sorry that he got caught, but will it be enough to repair the damage done on truTVs Hardcore Pawn?

American Jewelry and Loan is in trouble on truTVs Hardcore Pawn. What in the world was Seth thinking when he tried to sell the company’s Pontiac store out from under his father?

It was an unbelievable betrayal. How does Les ever find it in his heart, his head, to trust him—or Ashley, for that matter—again? True, Ashley was against it all from the start, and she made that clear to Seth.

But, when it really mattered, she jumped in and went right along with her brother, which is how Les found them: Together, walking into the Pontiac store to meet a potential buyer who had already been intercepted by Les.

“What the #(%# were you thinking?!?!?” Les demanded as Seth and Ashley walked through the door at the Pontiac store.

“Did you not think that I know everything that’s going on in my business?” Les asked icily of his son. “Calling someone to buy this out from under me?”

“I thought I was doing what was best for the business,” Seth said, caught, cornered and terrified.

“Don’t tell me what’s best for the business. I will tell you—both—what’s best for the business.”

Ashley, viewers will recall from the mid-season finale, tried to protest her involvement, but, in that moment, there was no denying that she was following behind her brother, and certainly no pacifying Les.

Will the Family Recover?

Now, the show is returning with new episodes on November 6, and the situation is anything but better. Les simply cannot forgive his son. He is going to the store day to day, but has locked himself in his office, bitter and refusing to speak with anyone. But, when a fight on the floor gets tossed outside, and the parking lot rumble rolls out of control, with the Golds finding themselves in the line of fire, will it be enough to get Les out of his office and at least speaking with his children once again, if not forgiving them?

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