Hardcore Pawn: Toilet Racers And Free Cash Not On The Agenda In Detroit

Hardcore Pawn customers never fail to entertain at American Jewelry and Loan on truTV.

Hardcore Pawn on truTV was rocking as usual this week.

“Your sign is saying that I can get 30 days of free cash?” a customer asked at one of the windows.

The girl behind the window (it’s easy to see why they put these people behind windows) explained to her, yes, you can get an interest-free loan as a new customer for 30 days—just pay $1 for storage on the item you pawned.

Oh my.

“But, that’s not what the @@@@ing sign is saying!” the woman blew up. “It says I get free cash for 30 days …. I need my cash! I need my cash! It says it right here, FREE CASH!”

It is amazing how people can interpret things, particularly when they are desperate.

Of course, she did not get free cash, and left as many people leave American Jewelry and Loan on Hardcore Pawn: Kicking and screaming.

Physical confrontation is the norm on Hardcore Pawn, but yesterday’s episode featured a couple fighting over a ring.

When the guy came to Ashley’s counter, it was clear he was up to something, asking for an appraisal and looking around.

And, when a woman walked up beside him, it became extremely clear in moments exactly what he was up to with the ring—particularly after she slapped him.

Some of these people are absolutely astounding. The idea that they would act as they do in private is bad enough; that they would get out and act like they do in public is just amazing.

“Being in a pawn shop, I’ve seen people fight. I’ve seen people get hit. I have never seen a girl sucker punch her husband,” Ashley said, still appearing a bit shocked at what she had just witnessed.

And, the woman was still smacking on him as they went out the door; what a lovely couple.

“They make the dollar holler,” one man remarked about the pawn shop; he got that right about that couple, at least.

And, Les did it again, no doubt to his kids’—actually more so Seth’s—dismay. He bought an original piece of Stanley Mouse artwork for only $60, without checking on the artist.

Apparently, the seller had not done his homework, either (Who does that these days, by the way, with the Internet being so handy and quick?), because Stanley Mouse is a big name in the rock art world, with works that depict bands such as the Grateful Dead, Journey and the Rolling Stones.

“The stranger item, the more value it has,” Les said of the painted T-shirt.

Well, Les was right about this one: $2,200 right.

“I thought it was just another stupid purchase, but I’m man enough to admit it: He killed on this one,” Seth said. “Props to my dad.”

Weird But Too Pricey For Profit

Of course, the “Gotta Go Racers”—racing toilets—were too strange even for Les at a cost of $1,800.

“This was one of those situations that the deal went right down the toilet,” Les quipped to the camera.

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