Longmire Season Finale Sees Branch Going Bad, Vic Jealous Of Lizzie

Lots of questions left hanging on the Longmire season finale; thank goodness A&E has ordered a Season Two of this great show.

The Longmire season finale on A&E left viewers with a lot of questions to be answered next season: Will Branch and Cady get back together?

Will Cady and her dad be able to heal things between them? Will Vic choose to work on her own relationship, or will she go for it with her boss?

Will Longmire find love with Lizzie? Is Branch crossing over into seedy territory just to win an election?

What is the real deal with Longmire and his wife’s death? And, of course, how will the election battle play out between Walt and Branch?

It’s hard to imagine a plot line that has Branch defeating Longmire in the election.

Of course, in the world of television, it’s not impossible—rigged numbers, dishonest polling officials, whatever device necessary to create even more suspense over the Longmire vs. Branch scenario.

But, it is hard to imagine any scenario where Branch actually becomes the legitimate sheriff of Absaroka County—after all, the series is called Longmire, not Branch, right?

Longmire and his wife’s death—that is a good one. The conversation between Longmire and Henry in the finale was particularly intriguing.

If it turns out that Walt did kill the meth-head who stabbed his wife to death, it seems unlikely that fans would do much more than cheer. But, that will be an interesting storyline as it unfolds.

Branch finishing up the season meeting with Jacob—a rather unexpected twist. Branch started out Season One as a good man—misguided, perhaps, in his quest to bring down Walt, but a good man.

That was part of the conflict—you wanted to hate Branch for running against Walt, but you couldn’t help but like him, anyway. Now, however, it could be that, after being thoroughly thumped by Walt out on the highway, losing Cady and, as he pointed out previously, having no choice but to either quit or win, Branch has decided to ensure victory against an ever-correct Longmire by going off the grid and playing dirty.

Still, it’s hard not to help but hope that Branch finds his way back to the right side of the line in the end—a good guy who isn’t sheriff, of course.

Relationships: Yea Or Nay?

Longmire and Lizzie? No. Just no. In the detailed episode guide on A&E for Episode 7, “8 Seconds,” where Longmire and Lizzie have their first date, the meeting at The Red Pony is described as, “Lizzie Ambrose slithers up to Walt, dressed to the nines.” That adequately describes the vibe that Lizzie puts out when she is on-screen: Slithers. She’ll be nothing but trouble, of course; let’s hope that trouble doesn’t include a broken heart for a still-healing Walt.

Vic and Walt—that is a tougher one, but, still, as Vic told Branch just last week, “Don’t s@@@ where you eat.”

The tension is obviously there between Vic and Walt—although Walt does not seem to be aware of it—but bringing the sheriff and deputy together as a couple just would not work, especially not early in this hopefully long-running series. So, as with Longmire and Lizzie, no—just no.

Cady and Walt—obviously a lot of complicated layers to that one. But, they are father and daughter. They have to work it out, as Branch recently pointed out to Cady.

Walt is Cady’s father; he will forgive her for sneaking around with Branch. And, on the flipside, Cady is Walt’s daughter; she will forgive him for his not telling her exactly how her mom died (of course, there is a lot more to that storyline, so it could be awhile on that one).

But, they’ll work it out. They’ll no doubt have ongoing issues, but they will have a relationship.

Cady and Branch. I can’t help it: Bring them together. Underneath everything, Branch is a good guy, I just know he is.

And Cady can help him bring that good guy back to the surface. So, to Cady and Branch, yes. Just yes.

These are my thoughts and predictions going forward into Season Two of Longmire on A&E; thank goodness it was renewed.

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