Have Ashley, Seth Finally Pushed Les Too Far On Hardcore Pawn?

The mid-season finale of truTVs Hardcore Pawn finds Seth betraying his father, actually attempting to sell the company’s Pontiac branch behind his back.

Boy, oh, boy, Seth Gold just may have lost his mind on truTVs Hardcore Pawn. Why else would he think that going behind his dad’s back to try and sell one of their pawn shops is a good idea?

True, Seth, Ashley and Les are all in agreement that the store is underperforming at the moment.

However, Les has made it clear—more than clear—that selling the Pontiac shop was not an option on the table:

“I’ve never had a business fail, and I’m definitely not gonna start now. It’s not for sale.”

Ashley and Seth argued the point, but Les also made it clear that he, not his children, is in charge of what goes on at the American Jewelry and Loan pawn shops.

After all, Les is the owner; his children, Ashley and Seth, simply hold management positions.

“My children will not tell me what to do; it’s not gonna happen,” Les said of their attempt to double-team him and force his hand on the issue.

“Pontiac is never going to be for sale,” he added with finality.

Ashley Pulled Into The Fray

Ashley seemed to accept Les’s decision, and considered the matter closed.

Seth, however, appeared to be more obsessed than ever with the idea of selling the Pontiac store, and actually began looking for buyers, knowing full well what his dad’s position is and that, legally, the store cannot be sold without Les’s consent.

Perhaps Ashley is right: “Seth is beyond the point of gone crazy.”

Ashley knows what Seth is up to, but is keeping her mouth shut while he continues to do it.

This week, on the mid-season finale of Hardcore Pawn, entitled “Oh Yes He Did,” Ashley gets pulled into the scheme. According to truTV:

The kids scramble to meet with a buyer and find themselves in a life-changing scenario.

The Hardcore Pawn mid-season finale is jam-packed with drama and unusual items up for pawn.

From a high-end empty bottle of liquor and a souped-up sports car claimed to be a factory experimental model, to a powerful racing go-kart.

But, when it is all said and done, will either Ashley or Seth even have a job remaining at American Jewelry and Loan, or will Les finally reach the end of his rope with his kids—particularly Seth, who Ashley predicted last week, “Dad is going to kill him.”

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