HGTV House Hunters: Three Houses With Two Common Problems

On HGTV “House Hunters” last night, a pastor and his wife searching for the perfect family home in Virginia saw three houses that all had two common problems.

Last night another new episode of “House Hunters” aired on HGTV.

After relocating for a new job opportunity, a pastor and his wife searched for the home of their dreams in Abingdon, Virginia.

Viewers wondered if two common problems at all three houses would hold them back from finding the ideal family home.

A Pastor And His Wife Look For A Virginia House

Tim, a pastor, and his wife, Tuesday, a special education teacher, recently relocated to Abingdon, Virginia.

The couple met when they were two kids working at a theme park. They discovered a spark and lived happily ever after.

They have a son Seth and adopted a lovely baby girl at 2 months old named Lilly Grace.

The family moved for Tim’s new job and are ready to find a home of their own.

They currently reside in an apartment with an open floor plan and loft style with an outdoor deck for cooking.

They see the mountains but the space is not as private as they would like.

Their downstairs neighbors are smokers located right under the kids’ bedrooms.

The kids don’t like it so the couple asked their landlord to get out of the lease.

He agreed and Tuesday was pleased she would not have to carry groceries up 30 stairs for much longer.

The couple always owned smaller homes and now want a spacious, move-in ready house.

Tuesday does not like wallpaper and Tom prefers if the house has no major projects.

Tuesday would like to have a lot of land along with a place for the kids to go sledding in the winter.

The house also needs to have a safe place or basement. The family suffered through a tornado in Tennessee a few years ago and lost everything.

Tuesday was caught on the stairs away from Lilly and panicked they would not make it through the disaster.

Three Different Houses, Two Common Problems

The couple has a budget of $250.000 and are searching a four-bedroom home so they can have a guestroom.

Realtor Brenda Bryant shows them three distinctly different houses with two common problems. HGTV viewers wonder if they will be able to get past these issues to find the ultimate dream house in Abingdon, Virginia.

The first house is priced over budget at $269,000. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths.

There is plenty of natural light with an attractive fireplace and big deck. The couple notices the house is high up with a sloping backyard.

Tom considered the yard maintenance while Tuesday could already see the kids going sledding. The views were magnificent.

The banister had finials which resembled acorns. Tom was not pleased with these either.

The couple noted the tile in the kitchen does not match the floor, though the kitchen is large.

The realtor explained the floor was added recently, long after the tile work.

There is wallpaper in the spare room, which was a no-no for Tuesday. However, this is grass paper with texture and she actually likes it.

The master bath has a spa tub, which makes Tuesday imagine relaxing baths.

There is also a huge closet in the master bedroom. The bonus room on a lower level is nicely sized but the colors are a wild green and pink.

Another bedroom has orange, red and white. Tom feels there is quite a bit of cosmetic work. The house is over budget and has wallpaper.

Tuesday felt the updating did not have to be done right away and there was a great storage space for emergencies.

It was a lot bigger than either of them thought they could afford at 3,600 square feet.

The second house was also over budget at $269,000 with 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths.

There is a large living room and a formal dining room with lots of wallpaper. Bryant assures the couple she has a buy who can strip and paint in a day.

There are also wallpaper borders in the house. The den has dark paneling, which does not let in a lot of natural light.

The wallpaper continues into the guest bedroom but the kids’ rooms look great with no wallpaper.

There is a convenient linen closet and a full bath for the kids to share.

The master bedroom has two closets and a standup shower in the bathroom with no tub.

The house has an office and family room in the basement, which would be a safe place to go in storm.

The area also has a place to do laundry. There is an indoor/outdoor room with a view of a huge backyard. The home is over 4,000 square feet.

The third home is also over budget at $259,900 and has 4 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths.

The majestic house was built in 1890 and totally renovated. They love the porch and fantastic mountain views.

There are hills for sledding that appeal to Tuesday. The library/den has attractive built-in bookcases. There is also a formal dining room with a chandelier Tom likes.

The updated kitchen is attractive and well-organized with tony features such as a built-in spice rack.

The safe area in the house is located off the kitchen. It is a partial basement made from concrete and stone.

Tuesday feels it is rather spooky and reminded her of her grandma’s cellar.

The dining room is covered will wallpaper, making this the third home with the wallpaper Tuesday dreaded.

The master bedroom is large with two closets and a pretty bath with a stand-up shower.

There is another big bedroom at the end of the hall with a country feeling and bathroom with a bathtub.

Tuesday really doesn’t want to share the tub with anyone. There is a great deal of land outside with a brick deck and fire pit.

Tom imagines spending a lot of time on yard maintenance but the house is move-in ready with lots of curb appeal.

The Big Decision

All three houses were over budget and had wallpaper. HGTV viewers speculated if this might be a deal-breaker.

They had to choose between the modern ranch, traditional house and 1890 house.

After the episode of HGTV “House Hunters” on Thursday, fans were wondering if this couple might also want to break out the boxing gloves.

Ultimately, the pastor and his wife made a peaceful decision. They decided to go with the first house they saw, the modern ranch.

They managed to negotiate the price down to $248,500 to stay within their designated budget.

Tuesday appreciates the tub and this house had the textured wallpaper she liked. Tom immediately got rid of the acorn finials he did not like.

The whole family went sledding down the hill on discs, even though the winter was a long time away.

The safe room is being used as a playroom for the kids. The family loves the house and feels they can live there for many years to come.

One viewer of HGTV “House Hunters” stated, “Tuesday & Tim & kids move from Tennessee to Virginia, and no surprise they pick the house with the bathtub in the master bedroom, she whined about it the entire episode.”

While she did say quite a bit about wanting a tub of her own, they did wind up meeting in the middle somehow.

Best of all, they got thousands of dollars off the price of the home.

Compromise turned out to be a good thing for this couple. Some buyers don’t want to compromise but for others, it makes a big difference when the price is negotiable.

Then there are buyers who are willing to wait and pay a premium for what they want.

But budget is a top priority for many buyers today who wonder if they can ever afford their own home.

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