Home Renovation Vs. Home Remodel – What is the Difference?

When entering any kind of home improvement project, you may refer to it as a renovation or remodel. Whether you are interested in installing custom modern kitchen cabinets, a walk-in closet, or larger-scale work throughout your home, the words are often used interchangeably because they are both attributed to the same kind of work. As a homeowner, it is easy to get caught up in your vision for the end product rather than the vocabulary of it all. 

This is a debate that not everyone agrees on, and many people seem to think that the words can be used interchangeably (and often are used that way), but it is not always going to be interpreted that way if you are speaking to a professional design firm or remodeling contractor.

Remodeling businesses are there to make the home improvement project smooth, simple, and stress-free. Still, when you seek an estimate and want to review your current plans, you must understand the difference between making renovations and committing to a full-scale remodel.

Defining Home Renovation

To renovate something, in the simplest terms, is to restore, refresh or even revive. You are essentially making repairs, changes, or tweaks to something to bring it back to life and up to par with the standards you have set out to reach.

When dealing with home construction, it can mean many different things, from something as small as – switching out hardware and light fixtures, repainting cabinets, or refinishing the kitchen flooring. It is taking something already there and, instead of demolishing it – changes are imposed to make something appear new, better, or simply to make revisions.

Regarding residential renovations, you are not typically looking at a full-scale project that will shut down your entire house and recreate the innerworkings, layout, or architecture. While renovations can still be a significant project, they will generally not alter the space dramatically.

When renovating, you are tailoring your home to meet your wants and needs or hoping to better appeal to potential buyers or the current market trends. You can complete large-scale renovations in a kitchen or living room or smaller scale like repairing a bedroom – either way; you are not reinventing what already exists in the home.

The Definition of Remodeling

Remodeling something is a more considerable alteration and can be defined as remaking a person, place, or thing. When remodeling your home, you almost always make serious changes to the design elements, including the electrical, plumbing, walls, etc.

Planning a remodel, whether for your kitchen, primary bedroom, living space, or basement, requires construction, demolition, building, design, and even local permits. You are remaking something, and while you can stick with the bones you have, even sometimes that is altered as well. It is a major transformation of the room or space’s structure, style, feeling, and general layout. 

Maybe you want to develop a more open living area so you are knocking down walls – this would be representative of a remodel; it is certainly not just a renovation.

Or perhaps you want to finish the basement area, but you need to put walls up to create the rooms, office, or gym areas you want down there – this is another excellent example of a remodeling project. Remodeling is drastic; significant changes are taking place that create a whole new home or living space.

Cost Differences

While the words are not always appropriately used – renovations and remodeling tasks can be viewed very differently regarding pricing. Since a remodeling project is typically larger in nature and involves more time, labor, and effort – it will nearly always cost more than any renovation.

A lot goes into remodeling a home; even if you only deal with one room, you are still juggling multiple aspects, from planning, designing, demolition, permits, construction, building, materials, labor, etc. If you commit to major changes, you cannot put in minimal effort – this is why contacting a design firm or remodeling contractor can significantly support your vision.

With renovations, the cost can vary greatly, and in some cases – you can end up racking up bills close to a full-scale remodeling project though that is not likely. Renovations are more minor, and you are dealing with less significant change; however, teaming up with a professional contractor can still greatly benefit the project at hand.

Once you have questions about the price of your project – renovation or remodel – working with a reliable contractor will help you work out your vision and align that with your overall budget. You can even shop around and gain multiple consultations and estimates to compare better and contrast which company will work best with the budget you have presented and the project you wish to complete!

Pushing Forward with Your Home Improvement Project

Making the decision between renovations and dedicating your time to a complete remodel is solely up to the homeowner. You are in the driver’s seat, and you know what is required for your home, what will increase function and aesthetics accurately, and how that will better serve your environment and the property’s value. 

You don’t need to fret about it immediately; you can always take this up with the experts. Reach out to local remodeling companies to gain perspective on how things would work and what works best within the home. Working with design specialists will help make everything easier, less stressful, and more secure overall – there are ultimately no downsides!

Baczewski Luxury is a luxury remodeling company offering elite design, renovation, and remodeling services in Denver, Colorado, and all across America! They are vested in what they have created and want to push the boundaries regarding residential building and design while offering reasonable prices and aligning with your budget needs.

While renovations and remodeling have two highly different definitions and end goals, Baczewski can assist with smaller and full-scale home remodels. Quality home improvements can be achieved no matter the scale; the secret is to be aware of your decisions and use those to create a home that is your personal sanctuary!

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