​​Which Garage Door Opener is Most Suitable for You and Your Home?

Having a garage door is essentially useless without an opener. Your garage door opening system is the brains of the whole operation and keeps everything opening, closing, and running smoothly.

In time and through use, even openers can pass the point of no return, or they can end up malfunctioning momentarily. Either way, if you are grappling with an aging system or it has been causing you trouble – something new is past due.

Los Angeles garage door opener repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance should be made easy with access to local professional technicians.

Without easy accessibility and affordable options in terms of support – homeowners in California would have difficulty keeping their households going. Garage door pros can offer their knowledge and expertise to set you up with long-term, sustainable garage door solutions like the LiftMaster garage door opener, among other options. Choosing the suitable opener is where things get fun, but they also require attention to detail.

Drive System

When you first set out to install a new opening system, it can be overwhelming because of the sheer and extensive amount of options and the diversity within the choices.

Knowing where to begin and setting the baseline requires a little help from garage door technicians. Every opener has its kind of drive system, which it uses for everyday operation – this is an excellent place to get the ball rolling because different garage styles and homes have different needs.

There are a few types of drives:

  • Chain, which is typically used for almost any kind of garage. They are sturdy, solid and can be sustained for an extended period of time if well taken care of. They are noisy but affordable.
  • Belt, these are quiet, almost silent openers, which are excellent when you have a room above your garage. They are a little bit more costly than your general chain option but are quite the upgrade.
  • Screw is a powerful, fast-acting opening system meant to lift the heaviest doors. These systems are good for tall and oversized doors but require a lot of maintenance.


The opener entirely controls your garage door actions, and without power behind that, it can cause significant issues. The more power in your opening system, the easier it will be to access your garage and the rest of your home. Garage door openers are fueled by horsepower, but you don’t want too much as it should align with what is required for your garage.

The average horsepower for a single-family house sits at around ½ horsepower. A heavy garage door that is industrial or made of wood would require more power than a single-family and should be approximately ¾ horsepower.

Understanding details like this is more straightforward when you have the support of an experienced technician; they can walk you through what is best suited for your garage!


As much as people like to say brand names do not influence the buying and selling of goods and services – they do. In California, that is something you cannot deny under any circumstance.

Brand names carry the products, just as a celebrity name makes for the face of a brand, and a business name cradles their success. There are so many different opener brands to choose from with garage door-opening units.

Some popular brands are well known and for good reasons, such as – LiftMaster, Genie, and Craftsman. These are more affordable options but still have carved out and created a name for themselves with their durability and reliability.

Then there are more luxurious brands like – Sommer and Guardian. These brands are known for their enhanced, advanced safety features and innovative technology. Again, this is a detail that your garage door company would walk with you every step to help determine what is most suitable for your garage.


Garage doors provide security, as garages are a barrier between the outdoor world and the home. When your garage door opener compromises the use or access to your garage – this opens your home up to major vulnerabilities. This is also true for the capability of the opening system when something goes wrong; it can be dangerous.

Safety features are typically one of the most critical factors when choosing a new garage door opener. Openers have been significantly advanced in the past decade, and many new features create a safer and more comfortable garage environment. Looking for things like automatic reverse, safety sensors, and rolling code tech will help to ensure the security of your garage door operations.


Choosing a durable, long-lasting, safe, and reputable brand for your opening unit will inevitably offer you and your family a genuine sense of security and inherent convenience.

Check the warranty with your technician and the manufacturer to ensure you aren’t subject to pulling out your wallet again if something goes awry in the first year or two, and make sure you have a certified local garage door specialist to act as your personal guide throughout this process.

Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply in Los Angeles, CA, prides itself on providing clients with a total sense of comfort and ease around garage door opener installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance.

Their team of techs pushes the boundaries and has worked hard to offer their skill sets in L.A. and the surrounding cities. Picking out a new garage door opener can be incredibly challenging, but when you have local garage door experts by your side, you have nothing to fear and an incredible garage to gain!

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