How Homestaging Can Help You Sell Your Home For More Money

When it comes to selling a flat, the word home-staging is heard more and more often. And the whole secret of such popularity is that it works.

With minimal investment, you can rent or sell your property faster and more profitably. In this article, the writer, who can help with writing a paper, tells you what it is and how to sell your flat more expensive with the help of home staging.

What Is Homesteading

Homestaging is when people decorate, furnish, and sometimes slightly renovate a home to make it more attractive so that it can be sold or rented faster and for a higher price.

The good thing about homestaying is that it involves minimal renovations. Everything is limited to cosmetic changes that appeal to the average buyer or renter.

Homestaging was invented in the 1970s by designer Barb Schwartz when she decided to devote herself to real estate.

She was looking at properties in Bellevue and was shocked to find the rooms dirty, full of junk, and decorated in the wrong colors.

Barb realized that a realtor’s job alone would not be enough here and became the first stage, a person who professionally prepares houses and flats for sale or rent.

The new trend quickly took hold in the US and European countries. 58% of US realtors believe buyers offer more money for improved homes.

According to the Home Staging Resources website, of the 4,200 options that Home Stager has worked on, 85% have been sold for 6-25% more money than those left in pristine condition.

Financial portal Investopedia notes that houses and flats hanging on property websites for more than 100 days have found new owners within 40 days after staging.

Why Home Staging Works

British interior designer Samantha Giddens attributes the success of homestaging to the psychology of modern people.

Buyers and renters are now more concerned with an emotional connection to a home than location or price.

It is essential for people to mentally visualize themselves in their new home and imagine their family and belongings there.

Giddens identifies several reasons why home staging influences buying behavior:

  • People need more imagination. They want to be shown how a house can function, and home staging assumes that every room has a specific purpose and the space is zoned.
  • People are busy. Most need more time to renovate. So, a place that requires a lot of work is repulsive to them.
  • People pay a lot and expect a lot for their money. If they notice unfinished tasks, they will ask for a price reduction or another option. And that could be the place that has been tidied up by homestaging.
  • People are buying a dream. They want to feel like they are moving into their new home, not their old one. They need to visualize themselves in that place, and home staging gives them that opportunity.

How To Prepare Your Home For Sale Or Rent On Your Own

You don’t have to use a professional to get your house in order. The main thing is to follow the basic rules of homesteading.

Fix Or Replace Anything That’s Out Of Order

If you’ve lived in a house or flat for a long time, you’re probably used to minor issues and don’t even pay attention to them.

Yes, the bathroom door creaks a little, the tap leaks, and the light bulb in the corridor flickers occasionally, but otherwise, everything is fine!

That’s right. But the buyer or tenant is coming to you for the first time and is quite skeptical. So be sure to check every detail and be unhappy if you find any faults.

This will lead him to think that the housing has yet to be taken care of very well, which means there will be many problems with it.

In addition, any shortcoming can become a reason for bargaining outside your interest.

Therefore, carefully check all the rooms, fix the problems, grease the creaking doors, glue the wallpaper, and paint scratches and children’s scribbles on the walls.

To be sure, you can call a friend or an expert to take a fresh look and point out what you might have yet to notice.

Get Rid Of Junk

That is, from old boxes and carpets, unnecessary documents and advertising brochures, books you bought on the road, and inherited paintings.

All these things visually eat up space, make it narrower, and distract the buyer.

Remember that getting rid of junk – does not mean sending it to the balcony or in the pantry: there, too, the buyer will look and be surprised even more.

Sell or throw away unnecessary things and what is dear to you as a memory. Move it to the garage, the cottage, or a new flat.

Put Away Personal Belongings

One of the main goals of homesteading is to make the buyer or tenant believe they already own your home.

Therefore, you should remove anything that reminds them of you, your hobbies, and your lifestyle: photos, souvenir magnets, homemade jewelry, children’s drawings, clothes, extravagant furnishings, and even food.

Items related to your political and religious preferences are also worth eliminating. For the same reason, they interfere with the abstraction of the host and can alienate those with other views and beliefs.

Get Rid Of Screaming Colors In The Interior

Yes, bright wallpaper or curtains are also personalization, which the new tenant does not need.

It will push him to unnecessary associations and, most likely, force him to choose another more calm option.

Exclusively white or beige walls should also be avoided. Firstly, they will not look very cozy; secondly, they will emphasize all the flaws.

And do not chase trends. Even if this season it is fashionable to decorate a flat in the color fuchsia, it is not a fact that the future tenant will like it.

Sort Out The Furniture

Get rid of anything old and damaged and store away what you like but no longer fits the style of the rest of the interior.

Arrange the remaining furniture to visually maximize the space and show the buyer or tenant that there is enough room for their belongings.

Make Sure There Is Plenty Of Light In The Home

Good lighting is one of the keys to success when presenting your property. Dark, dimly lit rooms are psychologically pressurizing and uncomfortable.

You want to get out of them quickly and never come back. Brightly lit rooms, on the contrary, look newer and more attractive.

So check that all bulbs in the flat were in good working order and their power was at least 75 watts. Create even lighting and additionally illuminate dark areas.

Add Accessories

Your task is to create a not-personalized space, but not impersonal either. Show your future tenant your home has a soul and freshen it up.

Use neutral but pleasant accessories: a vase of flowers in the living room, a fruit basket in the kitchen, and elegant candles in the bedroom.

If you have clearly defined how your potential buyer or tenant should look, start from the average preferences of this category.

For example, students will appreciate stylish cushions on the sofas and a trendy photo frame, while older people may be charmed by potted flowers or a beautiful tablecloth.

Do A General Cleaning

Everything is clear on this point. Thoroughness, thoroughness, and once again thoroughness! Remember: the buyer will notice cobwebs when you can’t see a speck of dust.

That’s why cleaning everything you would usually take less time to do is essential. For example, the fridge’s inside, window blinds, and skirting boards.

Have A Photoshoot

In 20, 92% of flat buyers used the internet during their home search. This means potential buyers or tenants will get a first impression of your home without entering it.

Therefore, you need to take spectacular and high-quality photos to get them interested and encourage them to visit in person.

Prepare For The Arrival Of Buyers Or Tenants

The finishing touch is to meet your future tenants. Make sure your home looks just like it does in the photos. Clean the stairwell, put a rug by the door, and update the doorknob if necessary.

Air the place before guests arrive and ensure no unpleasant odors are in any room. You can buy fresh flowers or brew coffee. These scents tend to be liked by most people.

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