How To Remove A Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

Having issues with your refrigerator and wondering how to remove a Samsung refrigerator ice maker? Indeed, removing the ice maker from your refrigerator can be a permanent solution to ice buildup in your refrigerator. So how can you carry out this technical process all alone without a professional?

To begin the technical process of removing a Samsung ice maker, defrost the ice maker using the available button. Turn off the refrigerator and take out the ice bucket. Next, remove the housing that shields the wires by unscrewing it before taking out the cooling coil. With the cooling coil out, you can take out the ice maker.

This detailed guide will show you how to remove the ice maker from Samsung refrigerator step-by-step. Read to the end to learn how to solve the problems with your refrigerator, easy-peasy.

My Quick Overview (30 Sec)

  • Removing a Samsung refrigerator ice maker is a technical procedure but can be achieved by anyone who follows our guide.
  • Because you’ll be working close to electrical wiring, ensure that your Samsung refrigerator is disconnected from the power source.
  • Defrosting the ice maker and removing the ice bucket are the first steps. After that, you’ll take the housing and cooling coil out of the unit before removing the ice maker. 

What Does An Ice Maker Do?

An ice maker does as the name literally implies: it makes ice. Over time, the water that passes over the tray freezes, accumulating as ice cubes in the tray’s well. This method of freezing water produces transparent ice.

You can get by without an ice machine. You probably don’t need it in a freezer if you only use it sometimes. However, you may consider investing in one of these if you often host parties or love icy stuff.

How To Remove A Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

Though complicated, here are the steps for removing a Samsung refrigerator ice maker:

1. Defrost The Ice Maker

You’ll need to hit a sequence of buttons that varies per Samsung refrigerator model. Maintain pressure on the buttons for 8 seconds. Afterward, push the refrigerator button three times until the letters “Fd” show on the screen.

2. Turn Off The Refrigerator

After the ice has melted, the Samsung refrigerator ice maker may be removed by turning off the electricity.

3. Take Out The Ice Bucket

Next, grasp the ice buckets’ bases, raise them up and out of the fridge, and set them somewhere safe. 

4. Remove The Housing

Next, using a flat-blade screwdriver, loosen the Philips screws around the lid and remove the housing cover that secures the wires. Afterward, pull the wiring away from the ice bin’s side panels to release it from the clamps holding it in place.

5. Take Out The Cooling Coil

Ensure the ice has melted from the coils before taking the ice maker out. Pry the coil up with the flat-blade screwdriver and slide the ice maker down the cabinet to remove it. 

To remove the Samsung ice maker, you must make room behind the coil. Be careful not to puncture the coils in the process.

6. Remove The Ice Maker

The ice maker is removed from the coil by carefully sliding it out from the top. To unlock the mechanism, you must first press the top of the coils that make up the locking clip. Afterward, pull it forward and down.


You must have found the process really technical—it actually is! Still, you now know how to remove the ice maker from your Samsung refrigerator without needing a hand.

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