John Daly Sex Scandal – PGA Breeding Ground Says Ex-wife’s Book

John Daly’s fourth wife is painting a picture of Daly that makes Tiger Wood’s sex scandal look minor in comparison.

In her new book, “Teed Off, My Life as a Player’s Wife on the PGA Tour,” she exposes the behind the scenes temptations of sex while the golfers are out on tour.

Sherrie Daly was married to John Daly for nine years and divorced in 2010.

John Daly’s history of alcohol abuse, gambling problems and infidelity have given his ex enough material to write a book, which outs Daly’s inappropriate behaviors both on and off the greens, according to the New York Post.

Sherrie Daly claims that her story will “make Tiger Woods look like a saint.”

“Secret of the Sixteenth Hole” is one section of Sherrie Daly’s book that talks about sexual favors from a woman in Tennessee.

Sherrie Daly said that “little did she know that becoming the wife of a pro-golfer would mean fighting off strippers who thought it would be alright to be out on the golf course with no clothes on.”

Southwind Golf Course in Memphis Tennessee is one of the courses she talks about in her book.

Sherrie Daly says that she has been told by many men in the area as well as her banker that at the 16th hole at Southwind a woman would give oral sex to the golfers for $300 a pop.

She would bring them into the bushes. (Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the stats of the golfers on the 17th hole?)

Sherrie Daly has a colorful past herself. John Daly accused her of attacking him with a steak knife in 2007.

In a separate incident, Sherrie was locked up for five months on a money laundering charge.

Sherrie writes that her breaking point with her marriage came when Hooters sponsored John Daly on tour and they set up a tent with all these Hooter girls shouting John Daly’s name.

This happened in Tampa and Sherrie reports that all these girls were “flopping around” and holding up signs for her husband. She describes the scene as “just nasty.”

When Sherrie found John in bed with another woman, along with X-rated pictures of her, she sent the picture to all the woman’s friends, her work, and anywhere else she was affiliated with.

Sherrie said, “I sent a picture of her coochie with a note that said, This is the vagina of the woman I just found in bed with my husband.”

John Daly is another sports figure about to have his 15 minutes of fame with a sex scandal, but it may be getting to the point were the nation is getting immune to this behavior from sports figures. Infidelity has become a problem with married sports figures today.

That is why when Phil Mickelson, who stood by his wife as she fought breast cancer, is a true hero among sports figures today.

Watching as his wife walked the full 18 hole tournament for the first time since falling ill brought tears of joy to the eyes of many fans.

Then to see Phil’s genuine embrace with his wife, just makes him so much more of a hero in sports than the men falling prey to the temptations that have ruined many a sports figure’s marriage.

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