Kate Middleton Likely Tested For Fertility Before Wedding Announcement

Kate Middleton will have many pressures upon her as she steps into her royal role, including producing a future King of England.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be getting married at the end of the month, in a royal affair the world will tune in to see.

However, long before Kate accepted her engagement ring, many preparations began behind the scenes.

Joan Lunden joined Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Hour to discuss some issues Kate likely had to face before receiving approval to marry the heir to the British throne.

Kate was more than likely put through fertility testing before the wedding was announced, according to Lunden and Kelly.

William, the future King of England, is expected to produce an heir to the British throne.

The consensus of Lunden and Kelly was that this marriage would probably not be happening if Kate could not have children.

Much pressure will be placed upon Prince William and Kate to produce a male heir to the throne.

British law states that the first born male is the next in line to be king. To keep the royal blood line going, Kate has to produce a male.

Although there is currently a movement in England to have this gender-specific requirement changed in Parliament, it is unlikely they will soon change the centuries-old tradition.

There is a technique available today, called “sperm spinning,” which can increase the chances of a couple having a child of a particular sex, with up to 65-percent accuracy.

The Daily Mail reports that sperm spinning is illegal in the UK, but that has not stopped thousands of couples from jumping on planes to somewhere it is legal, including most of the United States, Russia and most of the Middle East.

If their first few children are female, this could be a technique the royal couple will consider.

Another process, known as PGD, is touted as being 99-percent foolproof. PGD entails the woman taking drugs to increase egg production, and then the eggs are extracted and fertilized with the sperm.

After three days, the eggs are examined for the male chromosome, and a male egg is placed inside the womb.

The unused eggs are discarded, frozen for later use, or donated. PGD, however, like sperm spinning, is also illegal in the UK.

Princess Diana gave birth to William just 11 months after her marriage to Prince Charles.

Kate will be under similar pressure to have children, from not only the royal family, but the citizens of England, as well.

And, as Kate is now 29 years old, expectations are high that the newlyweds will begin a family almost immediately.

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