Little Froy Turns Against Family On Operation Repo

What could have been going through Froy Jr.’s head to make him think he could get away with breaking into the repo yard to steal a car?

Every team has a member that they just cannot do without, someone who really changes the vibe if he/she is gone; Sonia is that person for Operation Repo. So, good for them that she is back. Ronnie was definitely happy.

“I’m glad you decided to stick with the team,” he told her as they drove to her “welcome back” repo. “I ain’t gonna lie.”

For her part, other than a smile to acknowledge the welcome, it was business as usual for Sonia, and she got right to work.

Funny, one of the kids they were repoing the car from said he knew her son, and tried to negotiate with her.

But, when she said they were taking the car, regardless, the “gang” started disrespecting Sonia—more laughable than threatening, as Ronnie noted.

“It was nothing to yank them off the truck; they only weighed about 50 pounds each. Man, these little young dudes were definitely more annoying than threatening.”

Ronnie’s a pretty big guy; it was hilarious watching him “fight” them. It was more like swatting a bunch of buzzing gnats—more annoying than threatening, as he said. Check out the “gang” in this clip from truTV:

Sonia, for her part, made it clear that her son did not hang out with kids like those.

But, later, those same annoying kids got to the yard and stole the repo’d car—and had the remote to get in the gate.

Uh oh.

“Yeah, that’s the owner of the Mitsubishi Eclipse,” Sonia said as she looked at the remote he pulled out of his pocket to open the gate.


Little Froy In Some Serious Trouble Now

Froy Jr. stole the remote, apparently from Sonia’s truck, and let the gang into the lot, where they stole the repo’d car and vandalized the truck Sonia and Ronnie had driven earlier to repo their car.

Needless to say, Sonia went ballistic. “I cannot believe it,” she said as she smashed her hands against a filing cabinet.

What was Lou to say when he came on camera?

“Sonia, please tell me that’s not Little Froy,” Lou said. “He got the remote out of your truck?” Lou asked, as Sonia as she lost it in the office.

“I don’t know how he got it, Bro!” she said, somewhere between angry and disbelieving.

“I guess he doesn’t understand the problems he’s in, man,” Lou said. “We already filed a police report, man. … What an idiot man. Geez.”

Wow—now that is a turn of events on Operation Repo.

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