Lizard Lick Towing: Cousin Johnny Goes Too Far, Ronnie Sees The Light

Ronnie finally sees his snake of a cousin for what he truly is.

Those Lizard Lick Towing boys, they are clever, there’s no doubt of that, as this week’s episode on truTV demonstrated.

Driving up to a repo spot out in the woods, the guys thought they were driving up to a shooting range. Instead, they found themselves at a Civil War re-enactment.

If you have never witnessed one of these re-enactments, you are missing something.

They are, as far as the participants are concerned, real. There are men dressed in Northern Blue and Southern Grey.

They have ranks. They have guns (sporting blanks, one would assume). Everything is period, and as “real” as a Civil War battle can be over 100 years after it ended.

And, never doubt, these guys are serious about what they are doing.

But, so are Ronnie and Bobby.

Driving up to the event, the guys spotted the vehicle to be repossessed on the other side of the field, on the Northern side of battle.

Finding a trailer with costumes, they formulated a plan: Send Bobby to the Northern battlefield as a spy on a recovery mission.

As most repos go, once their spy mission was discovered, there was chaos. The “soldiers” even tried to set up a barricade across the road.

But, the boys of Lizard Lick, once they get rolling, well, just try to stop them—and neither the North or the South were able to win this battle.

Cousin Johnny Betrays Ronnie

“Clever” was not a word that could be applied to Cousin Johnny this week, however.

Leaving last week’s episode, he was trying to put the moves on Amy at the lunch Ronnie suggested Amy treat him with, as a reward for selling all of their son’s candy.

But, Ronnie never expected, of course, that the cousin he was trying so hard to help would betray him as he did—but, he certainly did.

After a smack across the face and some begging not to tell Ronnie, Cousin Johnny finally got what he had coming, and, finally, Ronnie opened his eyes to the truth: His cousin was not the man Ronnie had hoped he had become in prison.

When Ronnie arrived at the office, he walked in just in time to hear Amy and Johnny arguing behind a closed door, with Johnny telling Amy that Ronnie would never believe her, anyway.

That was all it took to send Ronnie over the edge. Dragging Johnny out of the office, he made himself clear:

“I don’t ever want to see you again, I don’t want to hear from you. … If I ever see your face again, it’s gonna be six feet deep.”

As Bobby tossed him off the lot, Johnny declared, “I’ll be back.”

If he is, I sure would not want to be him.

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