Longmire: Walt Is Devastated After Finding Out About Cady And Branch

After six months of secret dating, Longmire discovers his daughter’s betrayal with deputy and opponent, Branch.

Longmire on A&E: It was bound to happen sooner or later. Walt Longmire had to find out that his daughter, Cady, was having an affair with his deputy, Branch.

Not such a bad secret, except, of course, that Branch is trying to unseat Walt as sheriff in the upcoming election.

Initially, Walt didn’t take it great—when he confronted Branch, he certainly was not happy—but he seemed to be keeping it together.

However, when he confronted his daughter, he pretty much lost it.

“Care about me? Sleeping with Branch?” he yelled at his daughter as he threw his jacket across the room. “That’s how you show you care about me?”

Walt accidentally looked at Cady’s credit card bill, and saw a charge from the “Rusty Parrott,” and put two and two together.

“You stand there and talk to me, have breakfast with me, hug me, all this time, all the while, dating Branch behind my back. The only thing I can come up with, you wanted to hurt me.”

According to Cady, no, she wasn’t trying to hurt him.

“I didn’t tell him to run,” she said, “but I didn’t discourage him.”

She protested wanting to hurt him, but she certainly let it fly in the end.

“I can’t believe you,” she said. “Who are you to tell me who I can and can’t see?

I put my whole life on hold to be here and take care of you, and spent the last year of my life trying to put you back together. What about me? What about MY life, Dad?”


“I’m sorry I’ve been such a burden,” Walt said, obviously crushed by his daughter’s words.

“Allow me to relieve you of that burden,” he told his daughter, showing her the door.

The season finale for this show is on Sunday, and having the blow-up this week gives the writers ample room to work their magic.

Now that it is all out in the open, there is no reason for the couple not to date—Branch is certainly smitten, and Cady broke up with him out of a too-late-discovered sense of loyalty.

So, why not get them back together? The heart does want what the heart does want, although Vic’s words to Branch were right: “You don’t s@@@ where you eat.”

Will Branch take his fight to be sheriff all the way to the bitter end? Will he and Cady find their way back to each other?

And, will Walt be able to handle all of the stress and strain of these betrayals?

And, one other thing: What is really stirring around between Walt and Vic?

Just a few questions to think about going into the Longmire season finale on Sunday, August 12, on A&E at 10/9c.

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