Hardcore Pawn Customer Goes Dumpster Diving Following Unhappy Transaction

Will Seth get the last laugh on Hardcore Pawn when it comes to re-hired jewelry counter salesperson Amy.

Hardcore Pawn on truTV always brings come characters into the shop. This week, however, one such character stood out as one of the most outrageous of all-time, which is saying a lot for American Jewelry and Loan.

First, it is amazing what people will bring into American Jewelry and Loan, thinking that they are going to get, well, anything.

In this day and age, most anyone should realize that a 13” television is just not worth much of anything, much less the $200 the customer wanted for it—especially not a “Ching Chong” brand.

Ching Chong? Who has ever heard of “Ching Chong?”

Of course, Seth did not have any interest in it and the young man—whose girlfriend was dumping him, apparently, and leaving him stuck in Detroit—started out the door with his television, hitting himself in the head as he went. He then proceeded to throw the Ching Chong 13” TV—and himself—into the dumpster.

Makes one wonder why his girlfriend was leaving him, doesn’t it?

It is understandable, of course, why people get upset when they do not get the money they need.

But, the way they express themselves—and the way they take their anger out on the employees of the pawn shop—are really inexcusable at times.

It’s not the pawn shop’s fault that your girlfriend is leaving you—go make a scene somewhere else.

Of course, that would kind of put a damper on the show, right?

“Never in American Jewelry and Loan History have I seen something like this,” Seth said after getting the guy out of the dumpster and chasing him out of the parking lot.

Sales Dollars Trump Mistakes

One thing in this episode that did have a history at American Jewelry and Loan was “new” employee, Amy.

After leaving the store a couple years earlier—apparently not on a good note, at least with Seth—she was rehired by Les, who said he was willing to give her another chance.

And, according to Ashley, who is, after all, in charge of jewelry, she sells enough to make her a desirable hire.

“She averaged 10 to 15 sales a day,” Ashley tried to explain to her brother. “That’s almost double what our regular sales people do here.”

“She’s sloppy, she’s careless, she shows up late,” Seth argued. But, as Ashley pointed out, those problems, unfortunately, are common with many employees—employees who do not bring in nearly as many sales as Amy did when she was previously employed by American Jewelry and Loan.

So, on she stayed.

Seth was somewhat vindicated in the end, when Amy showed just how careless and sloppy she could be, wrapping an empty box and giving it to a customer, while putting the ring the customer bought into a pile of “empty” jewelry boxes in Layaway, to later be discovered by Les.

Of course, when Les let her off with barely a slap on the wrist—“How would it be good business to fire one of our best salespeople?” Les asked–Seth was furious and bewildered.

On her first day back, she made 15 sales, Les pointed out to his son, also saying, “If I fired everybody who made a mistake, Ashley and you would have been gone a long time ago.”

“She’ll cost us money, wait and see,” Seth said, leaving his dad’s office.

Will Seth get the last laugh? Will Amy cost them money in the end? Will he get to say, “I told you so,” before the season ends?

And, will whoever gets a present of an empty ring box be understanding?

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