Million Dollar Listing L.A Heather vs. Madison, You Be The Judge

Josh Altman and girlfriend Heather on one side of the ring vs. Madison Hildebrand on the other. Who should viewers root for in this nasty and personal cat fight about commissions on Million Dollar Listing L.A.?

UPDATE-August 9, 2012—Heather is in a gold bikini dancing in Josh Altman’s music video of “I Sell the Dream.” Altman is a rapper and you can catch it.

During the latest episode of Million Dollar Listing L.A. entitled “Broker Blowout” the brewing bad feelings burst to the surface, almost ruining the unique broker open house put together by Josh Flagg.

Heather lost her temper and tossed her wine in Madison’s face, after which Altman and Hildebrand exchanged nasty words loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Read more on Josh’s personal dilemma as his partner Colton declares himself.

In his show blog, Josh Flagg had this to say. “I really don’t know who I think is right and who is wrong. I can say that I think they are all handling it very unprofessionally.”

Heather And Josh Altman’s Case

Heather worked for Madison Hildebrand for three years. She was fired after Madison learned that she had taken a co-listing with boyfriend Altman without discussion with him. The co-listing was not planned that way.

Heather is seeking $7,000 in commissions for properties she sold prior to her termination that closed escrow after. Her position is that she is owed the money for work performed and Madison disagrees, relying on the terms of a contract he says they agreed to.

When Josh brought Heather along for a listing interview with a seller of multiple properties, he expected that she would get one listing for herself under Madison’s agency and he would get his own. The seller decided to test the two together since he didn’t know Heather’s track record.

Josh Altman wasn’t about to ruin the opportunity with this seller and Heather didn’t insist that they call Madison first. Altman and Hildebrand don’t much like each other anyway, but getting a co-listing means they are in business together.

Heather thought that getting half a commission and earning the respect of a seller who could become a regular customer was a good deal for her and Madison. Update: the stalemate continued in last night’s episode.

Madison Hildebrand’s Case

Madison is of the opinion that as the owner of the business, he gets final word on listings, including the price, the terms and whether or not a listing is taken in the first place.

He expressed himself on his own show blog. “As far as I am concerned, the two of them are perfect for each other — each will screw the other, or anyone else, to get attention or a deal closed.”

When Heather acted on her own it was a violation of his trust. Because of the ill feelings between him and Josh Altman, he expected Heather to know better than to go out on an appointment about a listing and not advise him.

The fact that a decision was made to take the listing and split the proceeds of the commission with Josh Altman made matters worse. Because he was blindsided, Madison wondered whether there was a need for it to be co-listed. Was Heather giving her boyfriend half when she didn’t have to? Where do her loyalties lie?

Why Isn’t This Settled?

The situation got worse because Heather tried to explain via telephone. She didn’t come to the conversation armed with her facts. She missed an opportunity to give Madison enough background for him to realize that she expected to get a solo listing when she arrived at the appointment.

Because Heather kept calling Madison to plead her case she was told to get herself a lawyer. Madison was no longer going to speak with her about the matter. In sneak peek video of next week’s episode, we see Heather did what she was told.

With Josh Altman involved Madison is unlikely to be reasonable. Now that a lawyer is on the case, will matters get worse or are we almost done with this argument? Stay tuned. A lawyer’s letter came but it wasn’t from Heather

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