Seeking Revenge On Operation Repo, Matt Makes Lyndah Target Of Gang Violence

The “feud” between Matt and Lyndah, real or created somewhere in the depths of Matt’s mind, is now coming to blows on truTVs Operation Repo.

Perhaps things are getting a bit out-of-hand between Lyndah and Matt on truTVs Operation Repo.

Overall, it seems hard to understand Matt’s rage about going to “dangerous” repos.

First, all repos have the potential to become dangerous. But, until Matt started going off on Lyndah, it seemed she was giving them all of the details she had on various jobs.

Now, maybe, maybe not, simply because she is feeling cornered. As she said last week:

Sonia just finished yelling at me because Matt is accusing me of sending him on dangerous repos on purpose. Waaah.

Repos can be dangerous, regardless. So, if Matt wants to sit there and accuse me of something I’m not doing, I might as well just do it anyway.

So, I hope that Matt and Froy enjoy this repo that I’m sending them on, and it’s not my fault if they don’t have all the information.

Froy appears to be firmly stuck in the middle of the two, with Matt thinking he is siding with Lyndah, and Lyndah thinking he is siding with Matt.

“You know, all I want to do is do my job, and keep getting along with everybody like we’ve been doing for years,” Froy said in a camera cameo.

But, when it comes right down to it, Froy does seem to be more inclined to “side” with Lyndah.

When Matt starts going over the top about getting a simple text from Lyndah regarding a repo instead of receiving actual paperwork, Froy continued, saying, “This is not the first time we’ve gotten a repo order without having hardcopy.

This is part of the job and guess what? We have to do our job.”

Matt goes too far, however, with his juvenile insanity when he gives some dangerous repo targets Lyndah’s business card, and tells her to contact her if they have any questions.

Not, cool, Matt; not cool.

“I know some of you out there think I may overreact just a little,” Matt said defiantly in a camera cameo, “but I’d like to see how you’d handle it if a car came smashing through a gate, coming at you.”Not cool, Matt, just not cool.

Lyndah Placed In Danger By Matt’s Paranoia?

As the episode closed, the little thugs Matt gave Lyndah’s info to showed up at the office and started attacking her; THIS is what big-boy Matt thought would be a good idea?

Put Lyndah in danger so he could have revenge regarding some perceived vendetta against him?

Was Lyndah hurt? Did anyone come to her rescue? Did Lou deal with Matt appropriately?

And, finally, did the fiasco he created make him open his eyes to his own paranoia?

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