Iron Grandmas Stuffing Contest On The Chew

Today on ABC’s The Chew chef Geoffrey Zakarian and weather anchor Sam Champion are judging a stuffing cooking contest with the Iron Grandmas in time for Thanksgiving.

The Iron Grandmas aer back on ABC’s “The Chew” for a Thanksgiving stuffing contest.

Fans will be to see Mama T, Daisy and Antoinette compete to win again. The judges of the contest are weather anchor Sam Champion and chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

The Iron Grandmas Stuffing Contest On “The Chew”

Who will beat the stuffing out of each other today on ABC’s “The Chew?” The Iron Grandmas are back and better than ever.

Mama T, Daisy and Antoinette are competing for the best Thanksgiving stuffing.

Mama T is making a great comeback after her hometown in Staten Island was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

The Thanksgiving feast moves forward and the Iron Grandmas are ready to get judged by weather anchor Sam Champion and chef Geoffrey Zakarian as well as a third judge from the New York Times Sam Sifton who actually wrote a book about Thanksgiving..

The show is asking fans to vote for their favorite contestant on their Facebook page.

So far, Mama T is winning by a landslide. But the bottom line belongs to the taste tests done by the judges.

Geoffrey Zakarian is a television personality, author and restauranteur.

He is the executive chef of several restaurants located in New York City, Miami and Atlantic City.

He is also featured on Food Network television programs such as “Chopped” and “The Next Iron Chef.” Sam Champion is a weather editor of ABC News and the weather anchor on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

This dynamic duo will make the ultimate decision today about which Iron Grandma will win the stuffing challenge.

Who do you think should win? HULIQ will return with more later.

Last week on “The Chew” the crew presented a variety of ideas for Thanksgiving.

Clinton’s craft corner featured some fabulous ideas with cranberries. Carla made a tasty pumpkin souffle and the show also showcased a variety of decadent desserts for the big feast day.

This week promises to offer even more great ideas for Thanksgiving Day, so stay tuned.

Fans can get a vegetable mushroom stuffing recipe from Daphne from the show’s book, “The Chew: Food. Life. Fun.” on page 45.

The Battle of the Iron Grandmas Stuffing Smackdown has begun! These ladies are bringing it on.

Mama T is playing hardball and won the first battle of the Iron Grandmas.

The second winner was Daisy who advises if you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen, get out.

She is also the reigning champion. Antoinette says her stuffing is so great her family eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Round 3 is on and they all want the coveted trophy. Antoinette and Michael are making Italian sausage stuffing with poultry seasoning, mushrooms and onions.

Daisy is making southern cornbread stuffing with Carla. Mama T is working with Mario to create stuffing with fennel, pancetta and sausage.

The winner of the golden wishbone is Antoinette, giving all the grandmas a chance for victory now. The next smackdown is sure to be intense!

Thanksgiving Cover Of Parade Features “The Chew” Crew

The second season of “The Chew” is even more successful than the first.

Fans are starting to discover food, fun and friends on this afternoon lifestyle television show.

Now the crew is featured on the cover of “Parade” magazine. Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Michael Symon, Daphne Oz and Clinton Kelly all share their unique perspective Thanksgiving with the magazine. One Facebook fan commented, “Really enjoyed the article.

I am hoping to try the recipes. I will however cut the recipes down to feed less people.

It is just myself and occasionally another person. Photos were wonderful. I really like Michael Simon.”

Fans can count on “The Chew” to give them an array of awesome food, craft and fun ideas for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season.

Viewers tune in to get unique suggestions to make occasions more memorable for their loved ones.

Many of the ideas presented on the show are simple and affordable, too. This week promises to showcase even more Thanksgiving specialties.

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