Yvette Finally Silenced On Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition proved one thing during the latest show on Lifetime.

Dance mother Yvette is not as smart as she might have thought, and hurt her daughter Hadley in the process.

In “Sabotage”, Abby Lee Miller warned the dance mothers that there could be unintended consequences if they used the power to assign partners and dance genres in the wrong way.

“Part of survival is playing the game,” she told the dancers and indirectly their mothers.

The Lifetime reality show has moved into a new phase. It has taken the backstage feuding among Yvette and other dance moms and put it right out front, addressed by Miller and her judges.

In the process, the balance of power has shifted to the detriment of Yvette’s daughter Hadley and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition looks like anyone’s ball game now.

The prize for winning the group challenge in last night’s episode was the right to have the dancer and her mother choose who danced together and which dance genre was assigned to specific dancers.

Hadley won, giving Yvette what she wanted for some time. She could put the dancers in groups to their detriment, which she hoped would rid the competition of anyone she disliked or whose child threatened the success of Hadley.

That meant that Kristie, her feuding partner and daughter Asia were on the radar as were Kelly and daughter Jordyn.

The Yvette vs. Kristie feud broke out into the worst arguing yet and ramped up at one point into threats of physicality.

Kristie has gone from a mere protector of other people’s kids to an irritant in her own right. At least she’s been consistent.

She wouldn’t allow Yvette to smooth anything over, insisting that there was never any admission of Yvette’s intentional nastiness directed at dancer Elisabeth about her hair extensions.

In not backing down, Kristie split the group of mothers in two.

Some believed she should just shut up and try to live with it like they did. Others admired her ability to stand her ground.

By the end of the show, Yvette had lost all her fans because of how she handled the dance assignments.

After some internal debate between the mother and daughter, Hadley got the big solo of the night.

It was a disaster and Yvette acknowledged that by giving her daughter that kind of spotlight to be scrutinized she had sabotaged her.

Asia, the six-year old was grouped with a much stronger dancer. Instead of exposing Asia’s inherent weaknesses, her fierce performance actually outshone the older and bigger girl.

Jordyn, whose mother Kelly had stopped being neutral about Yvette also got a tough assignment, meant to send her home. While she didn’t shine like Asia, she survived to next week.

Elisabeth, her of the crying jags and emotional meltdowns ended up being sent home, based on her inability to get better. But Yvette had moved on from fearing Elisabeth’s ability to challenge Hadley..

The ultimate humiliation of Yvette was her embarrassment to show her face in the green room.

Sometimes justice does prevail, but will it make Yvette behave better? What do you think?

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