‘Nurse Jackie’ Season Finale: Who Dies And Who Gets Custody?

Showtime’s Nurse Jackie heads to its season finale with Jackie and husband Kevin battling it down to the wire over custody of their two children. Will we learn who wins?

Nurse Jackie was renewed for a fifth season so it is entirely possible that fans will not learn the answer to that questions.

It is more than likely that one of the expected cliffhanger plot lines for next Sunday’s season four finale will center on who has damaged the other’s reputation more in the divorce negotiations that have turned nasty.

There is one big change coming on the production side of the dark comedy series starring Edie Falco.

There is a new executive in place according to Entertainment Weekly.

“The network named former Dexter exec producer Clyde Phillips as the medical series’ new showrunner.”

In the meantime, fans of the show are have been warned that a major character will die in the season four finale .

E! News teased a bit of a spoiler and only revealed through indirect statements that it will not be Jackie or nurse and diabetic Thor.

Nurse Jackie viewers are still trying to get past the surprises from this past week’s episode “Chaud & Froid”.

The hospital’s new chief, Dr. Cruz learned from his addict son about how Jackie was able to maintain her pill habit.

His anger manifested in him investigating the last drug screening results for his nurses, which of course showed that Jackie had not tested positive.

He examined video footage from the hospital’s security cameras and saw Jackie’s pal and former boss Gloria dumping Jackie’s urine sample as she sashayed down a hall in the building.

Eddie the pharmacist was not even given the opportunity to get advance notice that his job was on the chopping block before he was fired.

Since he was and still is the hospital’s pharmacist, Cruz’s son’s words pointed directly to him.

Gloria was shown the video footage, acted like the adult and professional she is and just surrendered her employee badge on the spot.

Jackie is left to deal with the fact that her addiction has created more damage than in her now broken home.

Her two pals, one a former lover, are fired because they assisted her in maintaining her habit.

On his way out the door, Eddie tells Jackie that he has dirt on husband Kevin that should assist her in the fight to retain primary custody of her children and when Kevin learns the news he bursts Jackie’s home in a menacing way.

But for the presence of pal and colleague, the ditzy nurse Zoey it is unclear if Kevin would have been able to maintain his equilibrium.

Jackie a drug addict and cheating wife isn’t given a lot of encouragement about her chances regarding her children but tells her to dig up anything….anything that she can think of that can be twisted to show that Kevin is an unfit man to get child custody.

In addition to the custody battle however, perhaps the biggest question is who will bite the dust and leave the cast of the show.

With the spoiler news of a death among the characters, can we include Kevin in the speculation? It would conclude the issue of custody while adding more guilty and grief to Nurse Jackie’s life.

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