Olive Spitting, Sumo Wrestling Make For Strange Hardcore Pawn

The Golds were transported to the land of the weird and the strange this week on truTVs Hardcore Pawn.

Les and his children started the season of Hardcore Pawn with some serious problems after Seth tried to sell the American Jewelry and Loan Pontiac store out from under his father.

But, after Seth put himself ahead of his father in a potentially life-threatening situation last week, Les found it in his heart to forgive his son.

“Whatever’s happened, you’re my son. That’s all that matters,” Les told his son.

So, it appears that particular drama is over, although it wouldn’t be surprising if it comes up again in the future, in a moment of angst and anger.

Olive Spitter?

There have been some weird moments all along the way on Hardcore Pawn, but last night’s “olive spitter” was one of the more bizarre.

After Seth refused to give a woman money for an old broken watch she brought into the store, she started eating olives and spitting the pits on the floor of American

Jewelry and Loan.

It truly was odd.

“Do I go to her house and start spitting my food on her floor?” Seth asked in a camera cameo.

In the end, her weird pressure tactics failed, and she was escorted out of the store, as so many customers of American Jewelry and Loan are, at least when they are featured on Hardcore Pawn.

Also in the land of the weird and strange this week was a pair of sumo wrestler suits. They were huge and did not exactly lend themselves to mobility.

Ashley and Seth gave them a go, but the $2,800 the guy wanted for them was, as Seth said, “an absurd amount of money to invest in these sumo suits.”

After doing a bit of Internet research, he found that, in fact, the $3,000 retail the guy quoted was accurate, but these were used and resale value would just be a fraction of that, on the off-chance someone did come to the pawn shop and want them. Seth offered the guy $500—no sale.

Just Pick The Little Red Ball

The big scandal of the night was a guy gambling and scamming customers in the parking lot of the pawn shop.

One customer had told Les about the guy, but Les thought he was just trying to up the amount of money he got on his pawn.

Turned out, however, that the guy was telling the truth, as Les discovered when the scammer returned to the parking lot again later, gambling with a “shell game.”

Gambling is illegal in Michigan, and Les really hit the roof quick, threatening to call the cops on the guy.

But, the guy gave his word, “as a hustler,” that he would not return to the American Jewelry and Loan property, and Les let him go.

At least he wasn’t spitting olives.

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