On HGTV House Hunters An Air Force Couple Lands in Florida

Last night on HGTV House Hunters, an Air Force couple decides to land near friends in Florida after years of military moving.

On HGTV House Hunters last night, a couple who met in the Air Force has been traveling with the military for years. After living in dozens of homes, they are ready to plant their roots in Destin, Florida. The couple currently resides in Hawaii and seeks to enjoy the same waterfront vibe near their longtime friends.

Air Force Romance On The Move

Last night on HGTV “House Hunters,” Air Force Major General Mike Keltz and his wife, Donna, have enjoyed their long-term post in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

After residing in multiple military homes, the couple wants to purchase their forever home in Destin, Florida near longtime friends Frank and Becky.

Mike lived his dream of becoming one of the top commanders in the Pacific Air Force. He met his wife Donna at squadron officers school.

Mike knew the first day he met Donna that they would get married.

While she originally thought he was a stalker, Donna and Mike did tie the knot and have two sons who are also in the military.

Donna is now retired and many military families in Hawaii turn to her for decorating advice.

After making 28 houses cozy homes over the years, Donna is ready to start her own decorating business once they plant roots in Destin, Florida.

Currently the couple resides in a lovely 1914 military home in Pearl Harbor and Mike only has a couple of years left until retirement.

Mike and Donna decide to search for their dream home now while it is still a buyers market and the interest rates are low.

They met their best friends 25 years ago during active duty and want to live near them in Destin.

They are looking for a beautiful home near the water or a golf course. There also needs to be a place for Donna’s office.

Additionally, Donna really hates carpeting and doesn’t want any in her permanent home.

Her passionate dislike of carpeting brings to mind the buyer on HGTV “House Hunters” who refused to buy a home with white cabinets.

Three Completely Contrasting Destinations In Destin

Mike and Donna have a budget of $950,000 to $1 million to spend on their “forever” home.

Donna definitely dislikes carpeting and popcorn textures. She also would prefer a home with a Tuscany feel.

The real estate agent shows the couple three completely contrasting homes. Initially, none of them seem to completely fit the bill.

Donna did not like the exterior of the first house and felt it had no curb appeal.

The Bayou home was nestled on the water and priced at $975,000 with three bedrooms and four baths.

Another negative aspect of the house was the orange peel texture on many of the walls and ceilings.

Donna is displeased with the kitchen because it has an electric stove rather than gas.

Additionally, the office area is small. The house does have 18′ ceilings and incredible views.

When you step into the yard, there is a dock and deck. It has 106′ of waterfront with four boat slips and two hot tubs.

There is also green area Mike could use for putting. The couple does not really go boating but said their visiting friends would appreciate the dock space.

The second home has all the grandeur Donna expects for the price. It is big and beautiful with plenty of curb appeal.

This four bedroom, four bath Mediterranean home is listed for $995,000. It is located on a golf course with monthly HOA dues of just $200.

The walls and ceilings are a smooth texture, which appeals to Donna. There is also a 20′ ceiling in the living area.

The office is large and there is a cozy breakfast area. However, the kitchen is still not what Donna wants and the carpeting in the family room is a turn-off.

The home has a 750′ lanai overlooking a pond on the golf course. It is an ideal spot for golfing, barbecuing and entertaining.

But this home is the furthest from their friends and it would take a half hour to get to their place.

The real estate broker really surprises them with the third home. It is a condo rather than a house and they feel very anxious at first.

He encourages them to check it out and see if it has what they want. The price is $895,000 with HOA dues of $1,200 per month, which Mike feels is very high.

They realize many amenities come with those dues including a huge entertaining room for the complex, gym, theater, pool and golf course with a putting green.

There is a foyer to their home so they have direct entry without having to travel through hallways.

They love the views, hardwood floors and a large office with incredible vistas.

The kitchen is everything Donna wants it to be and she is surprised to find these surroundings in a condo.

Can This Military Couple Score The Deal Of A Lifetime?

Mike and Donna have a huge decision to make about their permanent housing. It is the one time they have complete control over their surroundings.

They imagined themselves in a house but were both surprised about how much they liked the condo. It had everything they wanted in a home and they decided to go for it.

The condo is less than 10 minutes away from their friends. They negotiated the price down to a sweet deal of $685,000.

While Mike finishes his military career and the sellers build a home, the sellers are renting back the condo.

Donna looks forward to adding all her own finishing touches and starting a new life in their own home.

When Mike expresses his gratitude for her support during all those military years, Donna gets tears in her eyes.

Many people relocating to Florida want to live on the water and would prefer a home like the first one.

One HGTV “House Hunters” viewer commented on Get Glue, “If I was going to pay 1mill $ for a home it better be on the ocean!”

Another viewer agreed with their choice, stating, “I can’t believe they got that spot for SO MUCH less, these two are really cute, I’m glad they get to pimp out their retirement.

Hope I get to do the same!” Few can dispute this couple scored the deal of a lifetime on this luxurious love nest.

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