Operation Repo: Rusty Gone, But Sonia Refusing To Return

It is chaos on Operation Repo on truTV, with Sonia refusing to return and Lyndah out rehabing her knee.

Trouble has been brewing for Operation Repo over the addition of Rusty the bounty hunter to the business; Sonia even quit over it. But, this week, the problem of Rusty was solved.

After running a scam that ended with Lyndah laying on the ground after being hit by a car and being put out of commission while she rehabs her knee, and Sonia walking out of the business, Lou came to his senses.

“This whole scam? Did you think about how my family might get hurt?” Lou demanded of Rusty.

“They interfered with my work,” Rusty said.

“You know what? We are through. My family comes first. I’m going back to repo, we are DONE,” Lou said with finality.

But, that did not instantly rehab Lyndah’s knee, and it was not enough to bring Sonia back.

Two weeks later, the office was in chaos, with insurance problems and the guys tearing each other apart in the office.

“You know, I actually miss Sonia,” Carlos said.

“Yeah, I miss her, too, man” Lou said, rubbing his face in frustration and trying to get the business end of everything done behind a desk.

“We can get any girl out of high school to handle that [paperwork and paychecks],” Matt told a worried Ronnie.

“Matt and Froy are making light of this situation, kinda jokin’ about it,” Ronnie said in a camera cameo. “But, to me, man, it still kinda feels weird, not having Sonia and Lyndah around. I’m really not sure how this is gonna turn out.”

Repos Keep Rollin’ On

The girls’ absence did not slow the boys down on the repos, that’s for sure.

The guys did a repo on a tackling sled—you know, that piece of equipment football teams use to practice hits?

Unfortunately, the coach was determined to set a poor example for his high school team, eventually even calling them “losers” when they backed off of the Operation Repo gang and let them have the sled.

It was an odd kind of repo, but the teamwork between the three raised Ronnie’s spirits.

Well, it was either the teamwork or Matt mooning the coach and team as they drove away.

“Man, the way we just handled business on this repo, I think Froy might’ve been right,” Ronnie said in a camera cameo. “Startin’ to like the way things are goin’, and maybe we don’t need the girls around.”

But, Froy actually wasn’t so sure he was right, as he revealed in his own camera cameo.

“You know, I’m a little worried, because Lou, he’s the type that runs his business like a family.

And, he’s the only Pizarro left standing. So, it just makes me wonder, without the bond of family, what’s gonna happen next.”

Well, maybe the boys DO need the girls a little bit, if for no other reason than to keep them grounded in reality.

Sonia, Lyndah, Keep Boys Grounded

Getting a bit overconfident—not having the girls around screaming at them was helping them do some of their best work, according to Matt—a Matt-Froy repo went really wrong.

Helping a couple to get their things out of a vehicle being repo’d, they not only broke some of the couple’s items, Matt set the utility vehicle into motion, rolling down a hill, with Froy in the back.

Moments later, the vehicle was being t-boned on a busy street. Luckily, Froy was okay, if a little shaken. And, no one in the oncoming vehicle was hurt, either.

That was the bright spot, of course.

“I’m up to my ears with paperwork, and now the guys are out there wrecking cars?” Lou said, frustrated. “Man, we’re in big trouble.”

Somebody had better get Sonia back.

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