Pawn Stars, Andy Warhol Originals And Gold Sunglasses

The Pawn Stars were in rare form during the episode, “Dirty Sox”. Chumlee got smart by buying a pair of 10K gold sunglasses, while Rick scored with four Andy Warhol early pieces.

When Pawn Stars is at its best when the Harrison family and Chumlee go at it in the back office. When Chumlee scores a win it’s even better.

The Antique Gold Sunglasses

Chum was working the night shift once again and hanging with Olivia, who still isn’t seasoned enough to go it alone.

Can anyone figure out whether the BFF of Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison is more smitten with her or Rebecca, the book and signature authenticator?

The door of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is locked down at night, to protect the employees from robberies, no doubt.

However, if someone makes a good case for what he or she is bringing in for evaluation the door will open.

That was true for a young man holding a pair of vintage sunglasses with a frame made of 10K gold. Chum isn’t the best negotiator but it seems he did all right on this one.

After admiring how Olivia looked in them and making a bad joke about whether the seller wore them, you know, with girlie outfits, he got to work.

He began to offer the lowest per-gram price he could and without a counter big from the seller he went straight up to the highest. He guessed at the weight of the metal in the frame.

When Rick saw them in the morning he begrudgingly said the price was fair, but wondered who would ever buy them because they were ugly.

Chum said they were “fly” and vintage and that The Old Man would love them.

Turns out he knows more about Old Man Harrison, who he said, “invented hip,” than his own son.

Rick lost the bet and was forced to walk around with them. Chum loves nothing more than proving he’s not an idiot.

Early Warhol Originals

Four watercolor and line drawings were presented to the Pawn Stars and for anyone who has seen Warhol’s most famous work, these looked as far from Warhol paintings as anything could be.

Ladies shoes and chubby cherub angels were the main focus – not a soup can or celebrity face to be found. If real they were early works of Warhol’s.

The seller got them from his father who was an art historian, making it seem like they could be the real thing.

They had a bit of yellowing and water damage and Rick pounced on that in addition to doubting authenticity.

In came Brett the fine art appraiser and made the seller’s day. The little bit of discoloration was close to the edges and of no consequence.

They were the real thing, including the signatures. Brett confirmed they are early works, pre-1960’s.

The stand-off began since Brett admitted that at auction these beauties could bring up to $15,000 a piece, for at least two of them. Rick wanted them bad.

A final purchase price of $27,000 was agreed to with everyone pleased at the result.

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