Perez Brings Light Back To Tremont On South Beach Tow

Things must be really bad at Tremont Towing, if Robert Sr. is even considering bringing Perez back onboard.

It was a night in the dark at Tremont Towing on truTVs South Beach Tow–with a not-so-beloved character returning to save the day/night.

“Now, I have to run the place all by myself? In the dark?” Christie said when a couple crashed their car into the Tremont Towing building, destroying the power box and leaving customers locked inside the power-operated gate.

Robert Sr. cut commission by 40 percent for his drivers, in an attempt to save Tremont Towing from being lost in a bad loan deal, so drivers were placed in a position of having to almost double their tows to make the same money.

But, one tow Bernice made was not quite the money-maker she had expected it to be: the electrician Christie had called to fix the power.

Seeing the electrician’s van parked in front of Tremont’s gate, Bernice locked on and picked it up, thinking it was going to be the easiest tow she had ever made.

But, as it turned out, all she did was infuriate the electrician, who thought he had been set up in some kind of towing trap.

When he and Bernice ended up wrestling on the ground, Christie had to separate them, and she lost the only electrician she could find as he sped off as soon as Bernice dropped his ride on the ground.

So, when the much-despised Perez showed up, Christie had no choice but to trust him when he offered to help—after getting Bernice back on the road before she threw down with him, too.

“That fool used baby girl, and did dirty on Tremont!” Bernice said in a camera cameo. “He’d best steer clear of Bernice!”

Really, you gotta love Bernice; she’s nothing if not loyal.

The Power’s Back; Is Perez?

Shortly thereafter, the power was back on, and the customers were taken care of in short order.

“Maybe one of these days we can catch up,” Perez said as he was leaving.

Christie shrugged, but she did not say no. And, when he showed up at Tremont again the next day, he asked for his job back.

“I wanna help you beat Larry,” he told Robert Sr., after claiming he had been fired by GoodFellas after Larry found out he had helped Tremont the night before.

Unfortunately, Robert Sr. did not get the contract he thought would save the business—he lost it to GoodFellas.

Still, he ultimately restored the drivers’ commission, realizing that it was not only unfair, but even more detrimental to restoring the business than finding another way, since a towing business cannot operate without drivers, and it appeared they may have already lost one strapped driver–Eddie–to the loss of income.

Did Robert Sr. rehire Perez? And, did Eddie really quit, or will the restoration of commissions bring him back?

Don’t know Perez? Check out this video introduction.

Stay tuned.

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