‘Royal Pains’, End Of The Tiresome HankMed Feud

HankMed is no longer under the control of one Evan Lawson, as the brothers made up and rejoined forces.

Hank and Evan finally came to their senses and Royal Pains fans caught a much-needed break.

Royal Pains’ latest episode,”Dawn of the Med” brought back Eddie Lawson played by Henry Winkler and billionaire Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz in the body of actor Campbell Scott.

Along with the reappearance of those characters, fans watched as the Hamptons was the setting for a marathon run by people in zombie costumes.

It provided Hank with his final private patient when a participant started choking on the fake blood he used to dress up.

The other patient of the night was originally meant to be handled by Dr. Sacani of HankMed but ended up getting the full-on Lawson brothers treatment.

He was supposed to be a scientist who had been involved in secret chemical experiments.

The two medical cases of the night were mere window dressing however, for the explosive (literally) return of Boris.

He and the lovely Marissa, along with son Carlos are moving back into the castle by the sea.

Boris explains it all to Hank as he demonstrates his prowess skeet shooting on the property and we learn that the house is being germ and child-friendly.

While that’s all well and good, it is the final scene that gave the episode its cliffhanger.

Hank, Evan and Eddie run outside after hearing a gunshot to find that Boris had shot someone.

He discouraged Hank from treating him, saying that it was too late to help the man.

Oh no it wasn’t….as Hank finds a pulse and we are left to wonder what new trouble Boris has brought home with him.

While Eddie’s return was a surprise to his sons, it wasn’t to Divya who had sent out the 9-1-1 call.

Tired of the brothers’ feud that had her pulled in two directions all day long, Divya successfully got Eddie to agree to show up and knock some sense into his sons. Read: Henry Winkler returns, Arrested Development next.

Divya gota pleasant surprise of her own as her estranged mother showed up on her doorstep ready to move in.

While it is disturbing that her parents have split up, at least temporarily, having her mother back in her life is a welcome relief.

Eddie’s appearances are never quite as simple as one would hope and last night’s episode was another example of that.

Having gotten straight through prison and rehabilitation, Eddie is now dispensing advice on how to live your life.

He has a popular website and drafted a book he had the boys sample.

He uses true life experiences, including some between him and his sons when they were young, to illustrate the advice in his book and wants the boys to help him promote it.

It is those family experiences contained in the manuscript that play a role in making Evan and Hank finally realize they need to end their business divorce, that has become increasingly personal.

It also helped that their ability to carry on separate medical practices has become impractical and just a good old pain in the butt.

HankMed is reunited and Royal Pains moves on past Jill’s departure. Read: Jill leaves for real this time.

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