Royal Pains, Hank Confronts Boris About His Treachery

On the latest Royal Pains, Dr. Hank Lawson took himself out of the spy game with Boris after the billionaire manipulated Hank and Christina’s relationship.

In the Royal Pains episode entitled, “Business and Pleasure” Dr. Sacani played a significant role in making Evan Lawson the happiest man on earth.

He also has a thing for Divya and his awkward approach to letting her know was humorous in a very touching way.

Using flash cards to remember his lines, Jeremiah Sacani attempted to ask Divya for a dinner date.

With Divya’s help the socially backward medical genius is making progress as a member of the HankMed team and his strong connection to another human being is clearly a breakthrough.

As for Evan R. Lawson the CFO of HankMed, as he likes to introduce himself, he spent the episode chasing down a Ferrari automobile he hoped he would win in a raffle drawing.

After being embarrassed when he thought he heard his name called, Evan was inconsolable.

Dr. Sacani revealed more about himself at that point. We learned along with Evan that Sacani inherited wealth as well as a Ferrari, which he gladly offered as the company car.

Dr. Hank Lawson could care less about a Ferrari, but what he did care about was the continuation of his hot affair with Boris’ translator Christina.

Demonstrating that she considered Hank more than a short fling, Christina stuck around after her assignment with Boris ended.

When Boris discovered that he plotted a way to break it all up by using Hank’s gullibility and loyalty to him.

Unbeknownst to Hank, Christina was hired for a new assignment by Dimitry and was privy to hi sensitive medical information.

Hank had been warned to be careful of Christina probing into things that were none of her business.

When she innocently asked Hank if he was going to be along for the next ride with Dimitry and her Hank bristled, ran off to tell Boris and learned the hard way about the billionaire’s ruthlessness.

While he’d seen Boris in action before, using his cold blooded nature to his advantage, Hank didn’t think he’d be stung by it to his detriment.

Christina was fired and learned that her pillow talk with Hank was the reason. When she confronted Hank and explained how she knew about Dimitry, Dr. Lawson was chagrined and Christina dropped him like a hot potato.

Hank took off the wrist-pager he wore that had him tethered to Boris and realized that Christina’s lingering presence angered Boris, who had been in a past relationship with her.

Will Hank have to find another base of operations outside the confines of Boris’ sumptuous guest house? Stay tuned.

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