Shirleys Take back Lizard Lick Towing But Not Cousin Johnny

Cousin Johnny may have been essential in getting The Lick back from Lars Dixon, but all was not forgiven by the Shirleys last night on truTV.

The Lick is back on truTV!

Come on, we did not really think that Lars Dixon would end up with Lizard Lick Towing, did we?

Absolutely not—there IS no Lizard Lick Towing without the Shirleys. So, that Ronnie and Amy got The Lick back was no real surprise; but, that Lars was arrested at the top of the show instead of the Lick gang—well, that was rather unexpected.

Lars Goes Down

Watching those U.S. Marshals move in on Lars was pretty hilarious. Two counts of fraud, two counts of tax evasion—ol’ Lars is in trouble.

And, can you believe, Cousin Johnny was essential in having him taken down.

It didn’t make a lot of sense that he was being handcuffed if, indeed, he had been working behind the scenes with Amy and the police.

But, the overall result was that Ronnie’s big mistake did not cost the Shirleys their business, nor did it cost their employees their jobs.

“Look y’all, together we’re still Lizard Lick Towing,” Ronnie said, taking everyone to lunch. “And, from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry I made such a bad mistake.”

Well, in the future, perhaps Ronnie will at least read things before he signs them.

Lars did get out of jail—but it did not mean that his troubles were over.

Payback, Lick-Style

Now, the biggest question pending was: Where did that leave the Shirleys’ relationship with Cousin Johnny?

Ronnie made it clear that he did not just forgive and forget the past, but, he gave him a one-time chance working at a big repo gig that turned up—at Lars’ business.

“It’s time for a payback, Lick-style,” Ronnie said as they started taking vehicles off the lot. Cousin Johnny ran inside and got a handful of keys, and the chaos was on as everyone from Lizard Lick was jumping in a vehicle and taking off from Lars’ failing empire.

“Everything will be worked out, everybody will get paid,” Lars claimed as his own employees learned that their paychecks were bouncing like rubber balls at their banks. “Trust me.”

But, instead, his own employees, furious, began rebelling in the parking lot.

Cousin Johnny Forgiven?

Still, what about Cousin Johnny? Nobody wanted him back, regardless of his efforts to get The Lick back to the Shirleys.

Ronnie was reluctant to bring him back, but he also had to acknowledge that, without Johnny’s help, The Lick might still be with Lars.

“There is no way you can come back up and work for me,” he told Johnny when he asked for a job.

“But, how ‘bout I find you a job? That way you’re at least away from my wife,” he semi-joked as the two sealed the deal with a hug.

Bobby was relieved, as he had made it clear that he was not going to work with Johnny again. And, no doubt fans were relieved, as well.

Good guy in this scenario or not, zebras just don’t change their stripes, and it would just be a matter of time before Cousin Johnny would be causing trouble for Ronnie once again—maybe it is just a matter of time, anyway.

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