Matt Sees Green About Nico And Dani On Necessary Roughness

The winter season premiere of USA’s Necessary Roughness found Matt a bit twisted about the possibility that Dr. Dani and Nico were an item.

The action in last night’s episode, “Frozen Fish Sticks” picked up a month after the summer season finale and a couple of things are clear.

Terence King 

Working his twelve-step program, Marshall Pittman’s daughter Juliette is causing havoc Dani Santino has two men wanting to know what’s up/

Terence is back in a uniform and watching as his replacement has taken N.Y by storm.

He is typically oblivious to the rest of the chaos surrounding the team and its future, focused solely on living one day at a time.

He engaged in the usual behavior that called attention to himself when he had to sit out the first game after his return, but was brought up short by Matt.

The newly appointed assistant GM of the N.Y. Hawks hit the mark when he called TK out.

“Thirty-five days sober and one thing remains the same. That no matter what’s going on it’s always about you.”

Juliette Pittman

the young daughter or the now-deceased team owner struggled with learning her dad bequeathed her the Hawks in his will.

She was angry and acted out by getting wasted and threatening to sell it to a rap star.

“Do you know how many birthdays I spent being ignored in a luxury box while my dad doted on his oversize action figures?”, she asked Nico.

Juliette is snooping around about her mother and father’s relationship, which of course includes Nico Careles as mom’s former lover.

She also gets interested in Ray J, Dani’s now chastened son and decides to keep the team, but not before firing the GM who wanted her to sell in the worst way.

That girl is gonna be trouble.

Dani Santino 

can’t seem to crank up her emotions to get back to work and seeks help.

That help comes in the form of veteran character actor Peter MacNicol, as Dani’s former professor and mentor who starts to treat her professionally.

Dani’s in full avoidance mode when it comes to Nico and isn’t pleased when she’s grilled by Matt about it. It seems to help her sort out a thing of two.

We learn that after the make out session with Nico that ended the last episode, she led him to her bedroom but was interrupted when the cops called about AJ getting picked up with a pot plant in the car.

Nico is understanding about her emotional turmoil and gently offers some advice.

“Why did you kiss me? Because you need to. Why did I kiss you? Because I wanted to. What happens next remains to be seen. Why should you get up and help me with Juliette Pittman? It’s what you do.”

All the ladies out there….let’s just sigh in unison.

Ultimately getting out of her office and working her magic with Juliette helped Dani, as did realizing how getting emotionally stuck happens, even to therapists when their lives seem out of control.

A look at next week’s show includes some sheer black hosiery and high heels. Is it Wednesday yet? See Video homage to The Graduate posted below.

Do you think that Matt still holds some allure to Dani, who admitted to her shrink that she is still in love with him but “dangerously attracted” to Nico?

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