Sister Wives: Logan Makes College Choice While Meri Stands Up For Her House Rights

Logan is ready to get out of town and stop always having the weight of his siblings’ care placed on his shoulders, but Kody is pushing hard for him to stay at local UNLV–even speeding up the process of house-buying as an added incentive.

The season finale of the TLC reality-show hit Sister Wives was a show about life-changing decisions, for the entire family and for oldest son Logan, as well.

With 17 children in the family, a lot of pressure has been placed on the oldest child, Logan, to step up and be a role model for his brothers and sisters.

At times, in fact, when he is herding children from room to room or trying to settle them all down to get them into one of the family’s convoys for a road trip, it makes one wonder if he feels like he was ever afforded a childhood at all.

And, perhaps the strain of it all has been weighing on him as he has gotten older.

“Some of my siblings and some of my mothers really want me to be around as the older brother figure,” Logan says in a camera cameo.

“And, that’s all fine and dandy, but if I need to be there for all of my siblings, I will be middle-aged before they are all grown and out of the house. … Soon as I’m 18, it’s my life.”

Choosing between two schools—Southern Utah University and University of Nevada, Las Vegas—Logan visited both to assist him in making his final choice.

Going to SUU would give the oldest Brown child the freedom he craves; choosing UNLV would give him the security of going to school just down the road from home, while having a larger, more diverse student body to mix and mingle among.

Although they are not traditional Mormons, which Kody was quick to point out, Janelle seemed to be leaning toward SUU, simply because she felt Logan, who appears to be wandering spiritually at this point, could find some direction in this area of his life at SUU—not so much at UNLV.

Kody, while not thrilled at the prospect of his oldest son embracing the faith that wholly rejects the Brown adults’ lifestyle, confided in a camera cameo that he did fear that he had let his eldest son down spiritually:

“Honestly, my biggest concern is that I haven’t given him a strong enough religious foundation. I’m concerned about whether I’ve done right by him.”

One of the incentives for getting a down payment on the lots to build the four new Brown houses next to each other was to give Logan another consideration about staying close to home.

Finally, the adults did make a decision, and did put a down payment on the lots, although not before leaving Meri in tears, again, feeling inadequate as the only wife without multiple children.

Poor Meri; the other wives may not realize it—specifically Janelle and Christine—but they sometimes seem like the Brown Mean Girls Club, treating Meri as the lesser wife of the family when, in fact, she is the only legal wife of Kody.

It was good to see her stand up for herself on the season finale, and tell them, “I don’t need more bedrooms, but I might want a wet bar or a deck. … I will admit, I do have more expensive tastes, but I take care of my things and my things last.”

Go Meri—get what you deserve, not the crumbs your sister wives throw at you. In fact, get the wet bar AND the deck.

Christine and Janelle did apologize, but whether or not Meri’s lack of multiple children—particularly when Mariah leaves in the not-too-distant future for college—will rear its ugly head again in another context is yet to be seen.

Logan did announce his decision: UNLV. But, he announced it with this caveat: “When I go to UNLV, I need you all to treat me like a college student.”

Good luck with that one, Logan—but, well-wishes for a great college career at UNLV.

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