Sister Wives Interview Brings Long-buried Secrets To Surface

Before their book, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Uncoventional Marriage, hit the shelves, many of the struggles between the women of the TLC hit show were hidden away–even from each other.

“America’s favorite polygamists.”

So said NBCs Natalie Morales before her behind-the-scenes look at the stars of the TLC reality show Sister Wives.

The interview got off to a rocky start, when Morales asked Kody Brown, family patriarch, the question that has been on so many minds and message boards across the viewing audience: Did he choose this faith because he is a womanizer?

Kody appeared agitated with the question, and defended himself in a way that seemed to insinuate that he took it as a personal condemnation from Morales.

However, after reasoning away the question, as well as apologizing for his defensive stance, the interview went forward, and the Browns revealed that their polygamous family setting has had many awkward, contentious and not-so-nice moments throughout the years.

Meri and Janelle, for example, are, as they both indicated, still working on their relationship as sister wives.

As they revealed in their book, Kody and Meri had courted a second wife that, for whatever reason, did not work out for the couple.

“She just was not right for our family,” Meri said, although, to this day, one could detect a sense that she regretted that it did not work out, saying that she felt it had been a “crush” as opposed to a lasting type of love.

Bringing Janelle into the family was not Meri’s idea—she and Janelle have very little in common to this day—and sharing a husband with her was particularly difficult early on.

“This relationship did struggle,” Meri said. “It still does struggle sometimes.”

Janelle agreed, and related that after having her fifth child, post-partum depression combined with the stresses between her and Meri and her and Kody resulted in her packing up her children and moving to her mother’s.

“I wasn’t leaving the family,” she explained. “I just needed to do something different with the space.”

Whatever their differences, all of the sister wives rallied around Kody’s admission that he had not really been physically attracted to Christine, even to the point of being repulsed by her when he saw her—“a little chubby,” as he described her—eating a plate of nachos, which he said he felt “grossed out” by enough to want to rethink their relationship.

“I think sometimes in relationships you have to be careful when to be honest and how honest to be,” Meri admonished him. “I’m just saying.”

Robyn also revealed that she is not opposed to welcoming Wife #5 into the family, should it happen someday.

“That’s okay. I signed onto that when I chose to marry him,” she said frankly.

Sister Wives: Was It Worth It?

In the end, all of the wives appeared to be satisfied with the choice to marry that led them down the path to becoming, “America’s favorite polygamists.”

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