‘Storage Wars’ Crisis: Dave Missing, New Guy Annoying

Dave Hester was absent from class during Tuesday’s new episodes of Storage Wars. Social media went nuts asking for Dave, while putting the hate on Jeff, the new guy from Pasadena.

While Dave “Yuuup” Hester is annoying and can get on everyone’s nerves, Storage Wars viewers were up in arms about his absence.

Why? Because he was replaced not by Nabila, an equally barracuda-ish bidder, but with a newbie who co-owns Alexa’s It’s New to You! a thrift/collectibles store in Burbank, California.

Who Is This guy?

Jeff Jarred’s most striking attributes include his heft, his arrogance and his distrust of good old auctioneer Dan Dotson.

Yuuup, Jeff accused Dan and Laura of playing favorites at an auction a couple of years ago.

He came to the locations in Laguna Niguel, California and Lancaster, CA with a chip on his shoulder and stalked right over to Dan to warn him about making sure he’d be fair. Get Glue and Twitter were blowing up about Jeff.

“He’s as fat as Darrell without the humor and as nasty as Dave without “Yuup” said one fan. “This new guy, Jeff, is the Kobe Bryant of Storage Wars.

Whining and complaining foul until he gets his way.” wrote another. Another fan noted he looked like a younger Rush Limbaugh. Read: Hester settles lawsuit over “Yuuup”

A viewer put out the word on Twitter, asking for anyone with knowledge of Dave Hester’s whereabouts to let her know what the heck was going on.

In the intro to both episodes, “The Fast and Curious” as well as “All’s Fair in Storage and Wars” Dave’s ugly mug is still there, so it doesn’t appear he’s gone for good.

Barry Goes Gangsta’

Barry Weiss tries to keep it light at the auctions, absorbing verbal slings and arrows from the others and deflecting most of it with some humor.

But even Barry has his limits and Jeff pushed him past them.

While at the Lancaster, California auction Jeff was still on Dan and Laura’s case and looking out for them to prove his point for him.

Barry and Dan were in front of an open locker and The Collector wondered aloud, “Is that a saw?” Dan answered, “Yeah Barry that’s a really good saw.”

Jeff got a bit crazy and yelled at the two of them to cut it out. Barry couldn’t believe it and said he was in on the bidding when Jeff added, “You did good Barry, you didn’t even need to be coached on this one.”

Barry went gangsta’ and announced to the assembled crowd, “I’m not allowed to discuss anything now. Auction snitches get stitches.”

It got the juices flowing and Barry was the high bidder, making out like a bandit on old car parts for drag racing cars. He was the big winner on the night.

Lancaster was a great location for all except Brandi and Jarrod who didn’t buy a unit.

Darrell and Brandon Sheets made out on women’s clothing, electronics, CD’s and DVD’s.

Jeff bought a locker that had Tiki-like sculptures and turned a cool profit as well. Read: Darrell uses “veteranism”

When Dave was seen on the show in the recent past, he admitted that he lost out on getting a brand new warehouse that would have ramped up his business. Was he telling us everything?

Storage Wars airs new episodes each Tuesday night starting at 10:00 p.m. ET with replays of new and older episodes throughout the week on A&E.

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