Storage Wars’ Dave Hester Is A bully and A loser

Dave Hester lost face and a sweet bundle of cash during the latest episode of Storage Wars when he boasted that he knew an antique when he saw one. Not…as Barry Weiss took $5,000 from Mr. Yuuup.

In “The Yup Stops Here”, the Storage Wars crew headed off to Riverside, California on a hot day when staying hydrated and focused mattered. There were 25 lockers up for sale and keeping your cool was a priority.

Dave Hester, The Appraiser

He took a storage unit for the price of $800 after Barry bid him up on purpose. The Yuuup man went one step too far in gloating to justify the purchase. Without much else in the locker that could help him make money on it he banked on a sofa he swore was straight out of the early 20th century.

Isn’t Barry that old? Close but no cigar as the saying goes, yet he was insistent that the piece of furniture was much newer than Dave estimated. The two engaged in a bet of $5,000 with the over-under of 120 on the number of years the sofa had been around.

They carried the piece into an antiques dealer and had to hear the whole history of Victorian sofas until they were ready to scream.

Then the bad news was delivered. Hester had been fooled by a 1950’s era copycat piece and Barry laughed all the way home. 

Read about Barry setting a “sting” in Garden Grove that fooled the gang of Storage Wars.

Brandon Sheets Tested The Waters

There’s been some jawing between good old Brando as Dad Darrell calls his son and Dave Hester, but in Riverside the heat got turned up as the temperature rose to almost 100 degrees.

The guys started picking at each other and it got around to “What are you gonna’ do about it, huh?”

That was from the supposed grown up of the two. After more nonsense, challenges and a good old testosterone shower the younger Sheets walked away since all that was left was to engage in a fist fight.

Can’t imagine the producers of Storage Wars would want that, although it was clear from social media sites that fans wanted it…and wanted it bad.

Dave Hester crowed about the humiliation of the kid, which only added to the ranks of the Dave haters out there.

Darrell Became The Locker Whisperer

Always trying out new methods to produce the Wow Factor, as he likes to call it. Darrell decided he would let the storage lockers speak to him, hoping to hear one say, “Buy me, please buy me.”

Believe it or not, it worked. Although whether you think the locker Darrell bought for a hefty price of $1,550 actually spoke to him is up to you. The unit was filled with clothes and household goods, most brand new and many with price tags still intact.

The Gambler as he is called made a haul of $3,200 on the unit and said he used his “Sixth Sensibility” to sniff out. Just another malaprop from the king of them.

Brandi And Jarrod Laugh At Dave

With the usually bickering couple without a locker after the long, hot day in Riverside one thing made the whole process worth it. Jarrod declared, “It sucks we didn’t get a unit, but the good news is, Dave got into a fight…and it wasn’t with me.”

Storage Wars airs new episodes each Tuesday night on A&E starting at 10:00 p.m. ET with replays throughout the week. 

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