Tevion High Speed DVD Maker Review

Tevion High Speed DVD Maker comes actually from the European discount chain store Aldi. Tevion is a brand owned by Aldi and the high speed DVD maker comes from it.

What Can You Do With Tevion High Speed Dvd Maker

One can transfer home movies from VHS to DVD at high speed. It allows you to edit videos, add special effects, create home videos, and makes it easy to burn to DVD or e-mail friends.

On Tevion High Speed DVD maker composite and S-video inputs are supported.

Reviewing it shows that you can upgraded ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD2 software features widescreen 16:9 capture capability, music overlay and voice editing.

Tevion DVD Maker comes with 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The price of Tevion High Speed DVD Maker at Aldi’s website is $39.99 each.

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