The Situation Finally Comes Clean With Snooki On Jersey Shore

The final season of MTV’s Jersey Shore is wrapping up stories good and bad. Last night, Nicole let Mike Sorrentino apologize and she accepted it.

On the episode entitled “Awkward”, Vinny and Paulie D used the word often, particularly during Vinny and Mike’s attempts to clear the air with Snooki’s fiance’ Jionni.

As we prepare to say goodbye to Jersey Shore and the roommates, the pieces are falling into place.

All couples are quiet and not warring with each other, including Roger and JWOWW, Sammi and Ronnie and even Deena and Chris.

All that was left to do was bring together Snooki with Vinny and The Situation.

It happened last night but to different degrees.

Vinny and Snooki are tight again and it wasn’t awkward at all. Nicole even went scooter riding down the boardwalk with Vinny after they cleared the air.

What she needed was two things:

1) Show remorse for saying he could be the father of her baby and

2) make it right with Jionni.

She got both over the course of her baby shower and thereafter.

It was a tougher case with Mike Sorrentino, who has tried in his own way to make up with his former best pal Snooki since the beginning of the season.

The Situation was never a guy who could speak clearly about his emotions or admit his failings to a great extent. His sobriety has not changed that very much.

He’s still the egotistical ladies man we know and love. Last night he manned up and asked to see Snooki alone in her own little house.

It wasn’t like his other aborted attempts when he gave up easily and tried to do it in an offhand manner with lots of people around.

The face-to-face was well done. Snooki had a hard time getting to acceptance but recognized Mike’s honesty about his mean spirited attempts to hurt her and Jionni.

She again had a condition for complete forgiveness and it once again was about Jionni. He needed a heartfelt apology.

What’s great about the roommates is that at heart they are family oriented and fiercely loyal towards each other despite their petty squabbles.

The guys took a night out to ask Jionni along. They played the part of Snooki’s father and grilled him about his sincerity towards Nicole and his plans for being his own little family unit.

They were satisfied that he wasn’t gonna flee the jurisdiction as the birth came close or that he was anything but truly serious about loving Snooki. How they could have ever questioned it was a bit unbelievable.

He forgave Nicole for her indiscretion of last season and he reminded the men about it. Would any of them do the same if they’d been in his shoes?

The Situation can’t get past Paula telling dirty jokes with the guys. A lot less than what Jionni had to endure.

All ended well as Snooki made her ultrasound a group event for all to catch a glimpse of the little meatball named Lorenzo. What more could happen in the final few episodes?

MTV airs new Jersey Shores episodes on Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: MTV/Jersey Shore

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