Tremont May Soon Have New Owner On South Beach Tow

Tremont Towing has to come up with a $20,000 payment, but where does one find that kind of cash in just a few hours?

It was time for Tremont Towing to really get kickin’ on truTVs South Beach Tow this week, with Robert Sr. in the hospital and his loan to Larry at Goodfellas right on the brink of being due. But, things were in a mess—and going downhill fast, fast, fast.

Bernice was out, as she said, doin’ what she does best, and was getting “down and dirty” with some tows.

Picking up a tow, however, she just about got herself scammed when a couple of nimble gymnasts, apparently, tag-teamed her and got the target car back on the ground from the truck and started taking off from the parking lot.

But, lucky for her, another vehicle just happened to be pulling into the lot, blocking the fleeing car, and she was able to hook it back up for tow.

Lucky for the two apparent acrobats, Bernice could not get her hands on them, because she was NOT happy as she pulled away.

Robbie Ignores Company Policy

More unhappy, however, was Robbie, who, while trying to do a solo repo—against company policy—had to not only chase down a trapper who had his keys, but ended up getting shot with a tranquilizer gun.

“I’m so sorry man … it’s a tranquilizer gun, and in a couple hours, you’re gonna be just fine.

I do this all the time with HUGE gators. The weight’s about the same; you’ll be just fine!” the trapper yelled as Robbie passed out in the yard of the tow and the man jumped in his tow truck to drop his vehicle.

There is a reason that Christie reminded Robbie before he insisted on going to do the repo alone that Tremont Towing policy is to never have a driver do a repo alone.

While Robbie was sleeping on the yard, Christie was trying to get ahold of both him and his dad, who had, for some inexplicable reason, just checked out of the hospital days early, and having no luck reaching either.

Crazy Stalker Costs J-Money Tow

And, oh, it was the return of the crazy stalker woman for Jerome, who was in the middle of a tow—specifically, arguing with a pompous car owner who insulted J-Money, assuming he had no education and, for whatever condescending reason, believing that made him a better man than Jerome—when she slithered up to him with a bouquet of flowers, looking for a little love from the man she believes she loves. But, boy, did the towee mess up when he called her “ghetto,” and she started to attack the guy. Of course, maybe it was just the thing for him to do, because to get out of the mess, Jerome had no choice but to drop the car and promise to take his stalker out that night. After dropping the man’s car, he promptly left stalker-woman out on the street, screaming behind him as he drove away.

Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of J-Money’s stalker.

Meanwhile, Robbie woke up, and was ready to ride once again. Minutes later, he was able to find the repo, hook it up, and take off—takes more than reptile tranquilizer to stop Tremont Towing.

But, later, when they discovered the trapper’s loose snakes in the back of the vehicle, Robbie’s bravado was certainly not showing any longer.

Bernice + Mom

Bernice made it back to the tow-yard, and while she was telling her mom about her bad day with the apparent acrobats, they actually showed up, surprising them and getting the jump on her and her mom, bouncing around the yard and getting to the car.

They were trying to drive away, but you cannot stop the force that is Bernice, much less Bernice + mom. Bernice literally knocked the guys heads together—that was worth the entire show—and the car was back where it belonged as the guys ran off, a bit wobbly.

$20,000 Payment Looming

20K short of the loan, and worried about the payment due in just a couple of hours, Robert Sr. finally called in at the end of the show, but what did he have to say?

“Christie … I need to talk to you … I have no choice … I need you to tell Robbie … Larry … gonna get … I really don’t want to ….”

With his phone breaking up, who knows what message he was trying to get across to his daughter, but it was certainly eerie.

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