Was Brianna The Ultimate Dancer Or A Compromise On Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition?

The announcement took two hours to come on the finale of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition on Lifetime. Was it the right decision to choose Brianna?

America lost Asia, its seven year-old sweetheart last night when Abby Lee Miller told her she didn’t even come in second among the three finalists.

That was harsh, but presumably the moms and dancers would have wanted to know how they stacked up against each other.

Why was Madison not picked? Here are a few parts of the judges’ consultation from last night:

Abby Lee Miller: “This is the best dancer,” as she held up Madison’s photo. She continued, “This kid technically is gorgeous and wonderful, but she can’t act or perform like these two,” as she pointed to photos of Brianna and Asia.

Richy Jackson: “Madison has had some bad performances. She hasn’t had great performances. Tonight she was clearly the one. She didn’t show up for six weeks.”

Robin Antin: “I clearly agree. This one is gonna go far. She took all your corrections, opened up and was unbelievable.”

Why didn’t Asia get the nod after winning over at least one judge, Robin Antin of Pussycat Dolls fame?

Abby put her foot down on the technique side of the equation, telling Robin that Asia has “…great physicality and great timing and great intuition.”

In other words, she isn’t the technical dancer to become Abby’s first Ultimate Dance Competition winner.

Antin kicked and screamed a bit: “I don’t care. I love her There’s a reason why I love her and America loves her. She’s the star of the whole competition.”

Jackson fell in with Abby on the little girl this time. “It was just another one of her “performances”,” he said as he used air-quotes.

Brianna came out of this confusion as the winner. After Madison was praised to the hilt she was brought down by Richy Jackson noting that only when she had to “dance for her life” did she bring it. That convinced Abby to go another way.

Asia had no chance when Jackson didn’t see anything new from the little lightning rod of controversy, giving Abby the ability to put her foot down as she wanted to do several times before.

Brianna triumphed due to incessant lobbying by Richy Jackson. “She was fantastic.She is consistent. She comes prepared.”

That countered Abby’s insistence that Brianna is a strong dancer but with “…bad feet that have consistently, consistently been bad.”

Antin added this: “I think she is strong. I think she is athletic. She does not impress. ” To which Abby said. “I think she is nasty and strong and bowls the kids over.”

Then how did she manage to come out the winner? You tell me. Who do you think won?

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