Where Does A for Adley Live?

Though not as popular as some YouTubers, A for Adley has fans wondering, “where does A for Adley live?”.

Interestingly, the family has the complete details of their beautiful house played out on their channel. So, what should you know about the YouTuber’s home?

A for Adley and her family lives in a decent apartment in Utah, United States.

The house is a beautiful, white-painted home perfect for a family of four with a room for almost everything.

Shaun McBride and his wife have also done an excellent job arranging the house with the best. It also has features like CCTV cameras, light automation, etc.

A for Adley cannot be discussed without including the entire McBride family. Read on to learn more about this exciting family’s new home.

Where Does A for Adley Live?

Adley McBride’s YouTube account, A for Adley, is wildly popular due to the humorous videos it features.

Adley may be young, but she’s already a viral sensation. There is an assumption of $19 million in A for Adley’s wealth as of January 2023.

Here is what you should know about the home A for Adley shares with her family:

Utah, United States

In 2018, the McBride family relocated to a new house in Utah, United States.

They gave a tour of their new place in a film for their friends and viewers.

From the video on their channel, one can see the house is a convenient and comfortable one for a small family.

Firstly, it features an office for McBride, a portable space that holds his system and other related equipment.

There is also a box room for loading unnecessary items, a hallway, and a sizeable elaborate kitchen with dining.

The house has a wide and spacious living room, a toy room, and a laundry room.

In fact, it has a room for everything. It is essentially a simple house, perfect for relaxing with your family.


A for Adley is an interesting show. It’s only about to get more interesting with the family now in their new apartment. It’s sure they would have a great time in such a comfortable place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Who Does A for Adley Live With?

A for Adley lives with her father, mother, and brother. McBride, her father, is a YouTuber and Snapchat star best known by his online alias, Shonduras.

He is followed by over 900,000 people on YouTube and over 600,000 on Snapchat.

2.) What Made A for Adley’s Father Rich Enough To Afford Their Home?

McBride’s Snapchat drawings and tales have been recognized multiple times.

Several companies, including Samsung, Google, and Taco Bell, have collaborated with Shonduras to build social media strategies and produce sponsored content.

3.) What Is Shaun McBride’s Net Worth?

McBride has established himself successfully. In terms of wealth, Shaun McBride is rumored to be worth $9.5 million.

The success of the Shonduras YouTube account cannot be denied. One million users joined on March 12, 2017, and there are now 2.79 million.

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