Where Does Dennis Rodman Live?

Dennis Rodman has managed to keep such a low profile that fans wonder, “Where does Dennis Rodman live?”.

So where does this star basketball player live, and what can one say about his properties?

So little is known about Dennis Rodman’s home in Bloomfield, Michigan. In fact, it wasn’t until producers of “The Last Dance” documentary tried to track him down for an interview that we learned of his whereabouts.

Still, we have no idea exactly where the house is or what it looks like. But we know he once lived in a Tuscan-style LA mansion.

Rodman is one of those stars whom you get to know so little. Let’s explore some of the facts concerning his residence in this post.

Where Does Dennis Rodman Live?

Dennis Rodman is a former NBA player who has spent time with numerous teams.

These included the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks. 

Twice an NBA All-Star and the winner of five NBA titles, he had an impressive career. Many NBA experts rank Rodman as one of the league’s all-time greatest guards. 

Below are some of the facts we’ve been able to gather about his current home:

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is currently home to Dennis Rodman. But it is unknown where exactly the house is located. The retired NBA great has become something of a mystery since leaving the league.

Almost nothing is known about Dennis Rodman’s present location beyond the fact that it is in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. 

Los Angeles, California,

Rodman used to own a multi-level Tuscan-style mansion in LA, where he lived with his wife and two children. The house had five bedrooms and four and a ha

and entertainment areas and was decorated with breathtaking wooden finishes and furniture.

The master bedroom had a giant four-poster oversized king-sized bed, of which the posters were thick engraved wooden pillars.

And the 12-seater table in the dining room features intricately carved wooden chairbacks. It also included a billiards room with a lavish antique pool table.

Dennis Rodman reportedly sold his share of the house for $1.1 million in the 1990s.

However, he had only been the owner for a little over a year. In 2018, this mansion went on the market and gained Rodman some publicity.

The house has five bedrooms and four and a half baths, and it was constructed in 1976.

North Korea

Strangely, during the Trump administration, Rodman also lived in North Korea for a few years.

He claimed he intended to open communication channels between North Korea and the US. And that his goal was to garner peace and cooperation between the two countries. Sadly, this was not a success.

That said, little is known about his residence in North Korea.


Dennis Rodman used to love being in the spotlight, but he seems to have fallen entirely off the grid of late.

Still, one can’t hide all from the public eye. But all signs indicate that the star lives well in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How Did Dennis Rodman’s Current Location Come To Light?

Those making “The Last Dance”, a documentary about Michael Jordan, had difficulty tracking him down.

Producer Jason Hehir reported this soon after that they’d discovered where Rodman was living.

However, they struggled to get hold of him for an interview. The crew was forced to film his interview in a hotel room in West Hollywood. 

2.) Why Is Dennis Rodman So Secretive About His House?

Dennis has shown he treasures his privacy over anything else, but it wasn’t always this way.

Some speculate that it’s due to his troubled time in the spotlight. But it’s possible that the former basketball sensation simply needs some time alone for reflection.

3.) How Does Rodman Afford His Property?

It is believed that Dennis Rodman has a personal worth of $500,000. That sum is low for those who remember his time in the NBA when he was one of the league’s highest-paid stars.

However, Dennis Rodman spent extravagantly during his tenure in the NBA, leading to financial difficulties after he retired.

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