Where Does Mark Cuban Live?

As his fame increases, many ask, “Where does Mark Cuban live?”. Mark Cuban has become one of the wealthiest men and has many curious fans as a result.

So, where does Mark Cuban live, and what should you know about his properties?

Mark Cuban lives in Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas, in the same town where he grew up.

The mansion, fit for a billionaire, was built in 1997 and spans an impressive 23,676 square feet. It also features ten bedrooms and sixteen bathrooms on seven wooded acres.

And it has an estimated worth of an incredible $19 million. He also has a property in Laguna Beach.

He may not have an extensive property portfolio, but Mark’s properties are worth the money. Read on to learn more about the house that’s larger than five basketball courts.

Where Does Mark Cuban Live?

On July 31, 1958, Cuban was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to parents Norton and Shirley Cuban.

As a system integrator and software vendor, Cuban founded his own business under the name MicroSolutions.

In 1990, he sold his company to CompuServe for $6 million and became a millionaire.

A few years later, he put money into his friend’s webcasting business, Audionet (now known as Broadcast.net).

He became a billionaire when he sold his business to Yahoo! during the dot-com boom. The deal was reportedly worth $5.7 billion in Yahoo! shares. 

Since then, the lanky entrepreneur has amassed many investments and company holdings. This includes Magnolia Pictures, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, and two stunning properties.

Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas

Mark Cuban resides in the affluent Dallas community of Preston Hollow. Former President George W. Bush and professional golfer Jordan Spieth are also locals.

Sometimes, you might even run into a few Dallas Cowboys residents.

Cuban’s detached house looks like it was built for a millionaire. The 1997-built house spans an impressive 23,676 square feet and features ten bedrooms and sixteen baths on seven wooded acres. 

It occupies a considerable part of the block on which it stands. It is therefore estimated to be worth an incredible $19 million.

As you enter, there is a parking structure that can accommodate several vehicles on the right, not at all garage-like. The primary home is built around a circular drive with a fountain at its center.

Mark’s children will have no trouble keeping themselves occupied in the enormous garden.

This beauty features a full-size tennis field, swimming pool, and pool house. There is a guesthouse at the far-right end of the courtyard.

Once again, the structure doesn’t appear like a guesthouse but rather like a regular-sized home for an average family.

Laguna Beach, California

Mark Cuban bought a massive home in Laguna Beach, California, for a staggering $19 million on December 21.

This ultra-modern yet surprisingly cozy house can be found in the prestigious coastal neighborhood of Montage Residences.

The terrace opens up to a view of the Pacific Ocean. And the condo is equipped with every conceivable amenity, from flat-screen TVs to wireless Internet.

Personal butler service is just one of the many high-end neighborhood features available to all residents.

The Cubans have probably removed the high-quality artwork and bright paint hues from the home’s six bedrooms and ten baths. Altogether, they take up a total of 7,867 square feet.


Mark’s building sure speaks of him in terms of luxury and prestige. He also chose a location renowned for having the best residences. One can tell he is truly comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Interior Features Of Mark Cuban’s house?

The house’s interior is shrouded in secrecy. We know that shortly after he purchased it, he had a new, cutting-edge stereo system fitted.

And there is a wine vault and five wet bars in the house. It sounds like an enjoyable place to get together.

How Did Mark Cuban Get To Afford His Properties?

To say that Mark Cuban is one of the wealthiest Americans would be an understatement. His fortune is pegged at $3.8 billion.

You need a lot of money to be a Shark Tank shark and own a championship-caliber basketball club.

Are Mark Cuban’s Properties Located Close To The Universities He Went To?

No, neither property is located close to the universities that Mark attended. He began studying psychology at the University of Pittsburgh during his final year of high school.

He started his second year at another school before transferring to Indiana University.

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