Where Does Karl Jacobs Live?

We’ve had fans of MrBeast asking, “Where does Karl Jacobs live?”.

It’s nothing new that the young YouTuber has begun to earn more attention as he works with MrBeast. But where does this young YouTube star live?

Karl Jacobs lives in a large multi-story house in Greenville, North Carolina.

In a recent YouTube video, Jacobs showcases the interior of his home, which includes multiple rooms.

There’s a gaming room, a large living room with a projector, and a kitchen stocked with ready meals.

It’s believed that Karl moved from Portland, Oregon, to be closer to MrBeast.

The YouTuber has recently purchased a new home, where he filmed a YouTube video. Read on to learn more about your favorite YouTuber’s house.

Where Does Karl Jacobs Live?

Karl Jacobs is a famous social media personality. Unlike most streamers who gained popularity for a single reason, Jacobs has a diverse and growing portfolio of video production skills.

He began as a Roblox streamer and accumulated a modest audience with his streams.

Today, however, Minecraft and MrBeast videos really bring in the viewers.

Over 3.5 million people watch Jacobs on Twitch, and 3.7 million people subscribe to his YouTube channel.

He also has 4 million people following both his Instagram and Twitter profiles.

Greenville, North Carolina

The star YouTuber currently lives in Greenville, North Carolina, where he films YouTube videos with MrBeast.

It’s clear that his house is sizeable and comprises multiple rooms for various activities.

The YouTube video he uploaded showed us his large, comfortable bedroom and king-sized bed.

Here, Karl showed off his walk-in closet and a multi-shelf display of his Survivor collectibles. 

He’s also a massive anime fan and has a collection of old anime movies and series on VHS.

He watches these on an old television from the 1990s equipped with a VHS player.

The tour also revealed that Karl has two different rooms dedicated to filming and streaming.

Both are set up with expensive computers, cameras, lighting, and audio equipment. 

The YouTuber also has a sizeable living room with a projector screen and entertainment couch.

This recliner couch comprises LED lighting, cup holders, power outlets for charging devices, and more.  

Karl’s kitchen is somewhat modest but is kitted out with marble countertops.

And it contains a top-of-the-line double-door fridge and freezer stocked with read-made frozen meals.

His games room has shelves of anime movies, arcade game machines, and a gaming console.

Overall, the house looks like a comfortable place to live and an excellent place for entertaining friends.


Karl Jacobs is a promising young social media sensation. And from all indications, his fame is only beginning.

One can only imagine the massive properties he will amass in the near future as he grows in wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Where Had Karl Jacobs Lived Before Moving To North Carolina?

Karl Jacobs used to live in a decent apartment in Portland, Oregon.

Jacobs was attending college and perhaps couldn’t move yet during this time.

He had also grown up in this area and was probably already used to it.

2.) How Much Does Karl Jacobs Make A Month To Afford His House?

It’s estimated that Karl Jacobs makes about $60,000 to $80,000 per month.

This revenue is earned through streaming gaming videos and appearances on MrBeast’s channel.

Some speculate his net worth is in the region of $3.5 million.

3.) What Makes Fans Wonder Where Karl Jacobs Lives?

Jacobs is loved by everyone for the activities he carries out on his platform.

Jacobs’ Dream SMP history is widely considered to be among the finest of its kind.

His fictional character, a time traveler, experiences many different eras and places in his adventures through time and space.

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