Where Does Elton John Live?

Curious fans continue to ask, “Where does Elton John live?”. The famous music star is now married with children and living the life of his dreams. So where does he live out this dream?

Elton John lives in his splendid mansion in Beverly Hills, California, with his spouse David and two children.

The mansion is a whopping 24,260 square feet and features 10 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms.

It also features other private compartments like a tennis field and vineyard.

John also has properties in Atlanta, Venice, France, Windsor, and Los Angeles.

Elton John indeed has eyes for the best properties. Read on to learn more about the different properties of the star musician.

Where Does Elton John Live?

Elton John, a musical legend, has been at the top of the charts almost non-stop since his début in the 1960s. The star has sold over 300 million albums.

Elton has also won numerous accolades in the music industry, including Grammys, BAFTA Awards, Golden Globes, Oscars, and a Tony.

Sir Elton John is a legend for his many accomplishments in the music business, for which he has received widespread praise. 

The following is a breakdown of Elton’s properties:

Beverly Hills, California 

Elton’s mansion is a whopping 24,260 square feet, with 10 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms.

Three levels of high-end living areas, including a theater, wine cellar, exercise room, and gym, have been added to the main house. 

The building has a lift, so he can conveniently move between floors.

In fact, even Elton’s fleet of 11 luxury vehicles would fit comfortably in the property’s carport.

Google Maps’ street view reveals that the singer places a high value on personal privacy.

The luxurious Mediterranean villa is located at the end of a long private road, which visitors to the gated estate must travel.

And a welcoming mosaic-tiled outdoor pool is a significant selling point of the house, in addition to the immaculate vegetation and breathtaking vistas. 

The pool house has an indoor/outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. There is also a secret tennis field and vineyard on the property.

Since hosting parties is his specialty, it’s no wonder that Elton John has a house designed with that in mind. 

Among the many beautiful features of this luxurious home are nine fireplaces and a spacious main entryway with a grand stairway.

There are formal living and dining areas and a commercial-grade kitchen.


Built in 1986, the upscale Park Place building is another of Elton’s properties.

Oprah Winfrey is just one of the renowned people who live in this ultra-exclusive 40-story building. 

Six of Elton John’s apartments are on the 36th level, and he has another on the 37th.

The building facilities include a 24-hour concierge, swimming pool, sauna, wine storage, and balconies with beautiful vistas.

Venice, Italy

Elton also has a property in Venice, Italy, in addition to his many other properties around the globe.

Several Gothic-style windows and a terrace give his room spectacular views of the sea and San Marco.

No one knows precisely where the celebrity stays when he’s in Venice. However, he’s been seen there often, and it’s common knowledge that he has a second home there.


The interior of this mansion is painted an elegant white. It also has colorful accents provided by the many works of art that adorn the walls.

Sir Elton’s France home is nearly taken over by flower arrangements, contributing to its color and style. 

The house has stunning panoramas spanning from the Gulf to the Mountains. The villa’s many beautiful grounds feature exquisite landscaping that is hard to overlook.


Naturally, Elton has more than one residence in his birth country.

Besides his primary residence in Woodside, Old Windsor (which he calls “the center”), Elton also owns a smaller property in Queensdale, London.

There is a distinct difference in style between the star’s various residences.

Los Angeles

Elton and David were partly attracted to this house because of its spacious, open layout.

It featured a combined living and eating area. Every other feature screams Elton John and his beautifully luxurious style.


Elton’s properties aren’t just buildings; they are homes. The star sure has a way of bringing life and grace into his buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Who Did Elton John Purchase His Mansion From?

John and his spouse, David Furnish, purchased the 20-acre property from Guess co-founder Armand Marciano.

John got a great deal when he bought the house in 2015 for only $32.6 million.

He obtained the house even though it had been on the market since 2011 for a staggering $63 million.

2.) How Much Did Elton John Pay For His House In Los Angeles?

The Trousdale Estates modern house was bought by Elton John and David Furnish in 2012 for a cool $7.2 million.

And the home’s single level provides 5,000 square feet of comfortable living area. 

3.) In Which Issue Of Architectural Digest Had Elton John Discussed His House?

In a 1993 issue of Architectural Digest, Elton John gave a detailed tour of his house. He spoke about how much he admired it.

The celebrity went all out when decorating his 12,000-square-foot Southern mansion, leaving no detail unchecked.

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