Where Does Bill Clinton Live?

For anyone following US politics, it’s not unusual to wonder, “Where does Bill Clinton live?”.

The politician and his wife have had a significant influence on US politics.

And they have won the hearts of thousands of citizens. It’s just normal, therefore, to be curious about the personal lives of these individuals.

So, where does political giant live, and what should you know about his property history?

Bill Clinton lives with his wife and daughter in a beautiful 5,500-square-foot mansion in Whitehaven, Washington.

He also has a property on President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock. Clinton also owns apartments in Old House Lane, Chappaqua, New York, and Midland Street, Little Rock.

His house in L Street, Little Rock, remains one of his oldest apartments.

As a politician, Bill will definitely need a house that keeps him away from public attention.

Keep reading to learn more about Bill Clinton’s properties and other details on his residence. 

Where Does Bill Clinton Live?

Bill Clinton is one of the most notable presidents in the history of the United States, as everyone evidently knows.

The ex-president continued to hold public appearances and work out of an office in New York City.

Post-presidential duties included penning a biography and directing the building of his presidency memorial in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Moreover, he was still engaged in public problems as one of the youngest leaders to ever leave office.

He participates actively, mainly through the work of the Clinton Presidential Foundation.

The Foundation’s goals include ending the spread of HIV/AIDS, encouraging racial and cultural harmony, and helping the impoverished.

Now out of the presidency, here is a breakdown of Clinton’s property records:

Whitehaven, Washington

After Hillary Clinton was elected to represent New York in the Senate, the Clintons were compelled to relocate to the nation’s capital.

The 5,500-square-foot home is situated on a third of an acre of tree-lined land on the exclusive “Embassy Row.”

It has seven bedrooms, a den, a pool, and a terrace. The Clintons feel more comfortable holding meetings and social gatherings there, away from the prying eyes of the media. They also love this house because of its secure environment.

President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock

In Little Rock, the Clintons have a tastefully decorated home located above the Clinton Library.

From the apartment’s large patio, guests may take in the sights of the Arkansas River and the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge.

It has been said that Mr. Clinton, an admitted insomniac, frequently rearranges his furniture to make room for mementos from his presidency.

Old House Lane, Chappaqua, NY.

The Clintons got this mansion for $1.7 million. This house came in 1999 while the Clintons struggled to pay their mounting legal bills from their time in office.

They turned down a friend and campaign donor, Terry McAuliffe, who offered to help them pay off their mortgage. 

Mrs. Clinton ran her victorious Senate campaign in the Empire State from her 11-room Dutch townhouse in a wooded Westchester County neighborhood.

As a family, the Clintons enjoy watching back-to-back episodes of “The Good Wife” and “Downton Abbey.”

The house also serves as a location for hosting annual Thanksgiving feasts for Chelsea and her friends.

Midland Street, Little Rock

Mrs. Clinton was able to put down $60,000 on a home in the city’s Hillcrest neighborhood.

This happened in the days following the devastating loss of Mr. Clinton’s re-election effort for governor. 

Hillary renovated the attic into a bedroom for Chelsea, where she had her first birthday party and started walking.

She installed wooden bookshelves in a bright office that the locals joked was the first Clinton Library.

L Street, Little Rock, Ark

Hillary Clinton struggled to adapt to Little Rock’s conservative culture after relocating there from Fayetteville’s more liberal climate.

They lived in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home with 1,394 square feet when Mr. Clinton was attorney general.


Bill and his wife are comfortably enjoying their time together in Washington.

They don’t permanently stay in this house and switch between buildings as the occasion may be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Had The Government Housed The Clintons?

The government provided the Clintons’ main home for an unprecedented 18 years.

It moved first as the governor’s mansion in Arkansas and then as the White House. Clinton presently lives in his own apartment with his family.

2.) Where Did Bill Clinton And His Wife First Live?

The single-bedroom house with one-and-a-half-bathrooms sits on a lot that’s 1,800 square feet.

In 1975, Bill and Hillary Clinton tied the knot in the living room before moving out the following year.

The couple had to relocate when Bill took office as attorney general of Arkansas.

3.) In Which Home Did Bill And His Wife Plant A Tree Of Memorial?

President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton planted a dogwood tree on the White House grounds.

This was in memory of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Brown died in a plane crash in Croatia on April 5, 1996.

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