Where Does Chuck Norris Live?

Fans have begun raising questions like, “What happened to Chuck Norris?” and “Where does Chuck Norris live?”.

Indeed, the American martial artist has been laying low for quite some time and has hardly been seen in the media.

After his success as an actor in the hit series Walker: Texas Ranger, Chuck has become a millionaire and a big-time fan attraction.

So, what answers does the media have regarding where Chuck Norris lives and his family?

Chuck Norris lives on his ranch, the Lone Ranch, in Navasota, Texas.

The ranch has many comfortable features, such as a gym, a mini-museum, and even a top bottling company.

Chuck also has a home in Dallas, Texas which has undergone several upgrades over the years.

He also lived in California but sold out the property long ago.

Are you curious about the livelihood of this man who stands to be one of the most famous people worldwide?

Read on to the end to find out more about where Chuck and his family are presently situated.

Where Does Chuck Norris Live?

Chuck Norris, born Carlos Ray Norris, is a martial artist, actor, and businessman noted for his many accomplishments.

In addition to establishing the UFAF, Norris also established the National Tang-Soo-Do Congress (NTC).

Norris’ home with his family covers the following sites:

Navasota, Texas

Chuck has a ranch in the area where he dwells. The Texas ranch, Lone Wolf, is equipped with a gym, an alligator, a museum, and a water bottling facility. It also features a museum devoted to military history.

The ranch near Navasota is also home to CForce Bottling Co., one of Texas’s most significant privately held bottling operations.

Chuck Norris chose to build three more water wells to help the ranch through the severe drought that hit in 2011.

Dallas, Texas

There are four bedrooms and eight bathrooms spread throughout this house’s 7,000 square feet.

The original structure was completed in 1975, but the home has undergone several upgrades since then. 

Norris and his brother, Aaron, were joint owners of the land. However, Carlos Ray Norris is the official name of the property.

North Tustin, California

Chuck once lived in California. However, in 1993, he put his California house up for sale.

The 2.2-acre property had a tennis court, pool, guest cottage, and horse riding ring.


Chuck Norris has achieved enough to give him a comfortable life in the beautiful city of Texas.

He now lives with his family, raising his children within this convenient environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Did Chuck Norris Put Up His House For Sale?

Yes, Chuck Norris listed his house in Texas for $1.2 million.

This stunning Northwood Hills ranch home in Dallas is on the market because its star has decided to downsize.

Word has it that the property has been successfully sold.

2.) Did Chuck Norris Celebrate His Birthday In His House?

Yes, Chuck Norris celebrated his 81st birthday in Navasota, Texas.

His friends and family in the Navasota area put together a birthday video to send him their best wishes.

Navasota-centric moments and a tribute to the Grimes County native were filmed and edited by Ben Morris and John Dittfurth.

3.) How Much Land Does Chuck Norris Own In Texas?

Chuck Norris owns up to a thousand acres worth of land in Texas.

These acres cover undulating grassland near the border of the Hill Country and not far from a cattle auction facility in Navasota. 

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