Where Does Eminem Live?

The American music icon is always a trending topic; fans ask, “Where does Eminem live?”.

The amazing songwriter, record producer, actor, and producer is a big deal in the music industry.

The fans’ media would like to know where Slim Shady resides. With a net worth of over $230 million, Eminem has enough to afford the luxury. 

Eminem owns two mansions in Detroit, Michigan. They are situated in Clinton Township and Rochester Hills.

That said, the house in Rochester Hills was recently listed and sold.

His houses contain large bedrooms, outdoor living areas, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a home theater, and a music studio. And his home in Clinton Township is where he currently lives.

Let’s take a look at each property Eminem owns.

Where Does Eminem Live?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Eminem, was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, in the U. S. and raised by his mother.

Eminem grew up in a small home in Detroit, Michigan, that his mother purchased in 1987.

They were forced to live with different family members in various parts of the country after his father abandoned him and his young mother.

He had a difficult upbringing and moved around a great deal because of his mother’s inability to maintain a job.

Since his success as a musician, his three daughters have stayed with him wherever he lived. Here are some of the properties owned by Eminem:

Rochester Hills

The rapper has lived in this sprawling estate for several years and has made several improvements to it.

The house has a large swimming pool, several outdoor living areas, and many large bedrooms and bathrooms.

The home’s interior features high-end amenities such as a state-of-the-art kitchen, a home theater, and a music studio.

The home’s exterior is equally impressive, with lush gardens and breathtaking views of the countryside. Before selling it, the Rochester Hills home served as his weekend retreat.

Clinton Township

This mansion was constructed in 1996. Eminem currently resides in Clinton Township with his three daughters, Hailie, Alaina, and Whitney.

Nathan, Eminem’s half-brother, also lives there. The interior of this home is unknown. 

It comprises four large bedrooms and a grand total of six bathrooms within its 7,464 square feet.

It is heavily fortified with a guardhouse right by the main entrance. This is ideal for a celebrity who wishes to escape the paparazzi. 


The luxurious property Eminem has reflects his successful career. He has the most record sales in the industry’s history, all thanks to his hard work and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How Big Was Eminem’s Detroit Home?

This luxurious mansion, which sits on 15,129 square feet, was Eminem’s property.

It is situated on a 17,000-square-foot estate in the wealthy Rochester Hills neighborhood.

This prime location is close to Stoney Creek Metro Park and just minutes from downtown Rochester.

2.) How Much Did The Rochester Hills Home Cost Eminem?

The Rochester Mansion reportedly cost the rapper more than $4 million.

However, Eminem later listed this house for less than $2 million in August 2017, and it was sold the following month.

3.) What Special Features Does Eminem’s House Contain?

The compound in Rochester Hills has a basketball and tennis court. It also features a gigantic pond and swimming pool.

In addition, the property boasts seven bathrooms with all the latest fittings and gadgets.

Eminem’s home in Clinton Township is slightly understated in comparison, but still features ample living and entertainment spaces on a large plot.

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